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Crypto influencers become 'Pokémon cards' on Blast game sees influencer cards generate over $860,000 in fees.

Golden influencer trading card.

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Influencers from the crypto community on X were turned into a trading card game by the Blast-based game In the past four days, the cards related to these influencers reached 9,518 Ether (ETH) in trading volume, according to a Flipside dashboard created by user Hildobby.

The cards’ power level is defined by how regularly the influencers publish with their X account, their follower count, and the reach of their tweets. Moreover, the more an influencer card is used by players, the more they receive from The power levels are based on the last seven days.

Crypto influencers become 'Pokémon cards' on Blast game
Image: leverages the current narrative of social finance, or SocialFi, which is hot after launched its native token FRIEND. FRIEND launched at an initial price of $3.03 but fell sharply in just three hours to $0.89. However, the token made a significant recovery to $2.19 at the time of writing.

A crypto researcher known as DeFi Edge explained in his newsletter that is better than at aligning the interests of users, influencers, and the protocol itself.

“Influencers will get a share of revenue from: users/card traders want to buy cards from their favorite influencers; influencers are intrinsically motivated to improve their X engagement; this boosts their points, so users and influencers are perfectly aligned; the platform is giving money to influencers whose cards are used in competitions, so influencers are happy; the protocol wants more traders and influencers on their platform, so they’ll keep shipping features to make more attractive.”

Influencers receive 1.5% of all the fees collected from the trading volume of their respective cards, and also a 10% cut on pack sales which is split between the cards discovered. Packs are like boosters found in traditional trading card games, where a user gets random cards by opening them. At the time of writing, the platform’s marketplace generated 285.5 ETH in fees, equivalent to $863,000.

The platform is only accessible with referral codes, and it doesn’t have a native token yet.

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