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Injective launches Pyth price feeds on inEVM, empowers smart contract developers with over 450 real-time market data

Pyth's pull oracle design allows smart contracts to request price updates directly whenever needed.

Injective inEVM integrates Pyth price feeds

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Injective has integrated Pyth price feeds into its inEVM, providing smart contract developers with access to over 450 real-time market data feeds, Pyth Network shared in a post on X today. This integration follows Injective’s recent launch of inEVM on mainnet, a first-of-its-kind rollup designed to enhance concurrent VM development.

The deployment of Pyth price feeds empowers developers to build sophisticated DeFi applications with access to a vast array of reliable, low-latency price feeds. Pyth Network said in a blog post that these feeds encompass not just crypto but also commodities, foreign exchange pairs, equities, and exchange-traded funds.

Additionally, Pyth Network’s specialized pull oracle design is a game-changer for smart contract applications, allowing them to request price updates on demand from the Pythnet appchain, according to Pyth Network. Pyth’s design allows smart contracts to actively request price updates whenever needed. This ensures the information used in DeFi applications is always as current as possible, which is crucial for fast-moving markets, said Pyth Network.

Since the beginning of the year, Pyth Network has forged partnerships with major crypto players, most notably joining forces with Hedera in February to simplify real-time price feed access for DeFi developers. Additionally, Laser Digital (LD), the digital asset subsidiary of Japanese banking giant Nomura, announced its partnership with Pyth Network earlier this month, officially becoming a data provider for Pyth’s data oracle ecosystem.

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