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IOST Makes Private Keys As Easy As A Phone Number

OnBlock allows users to create network accounts using only their phone number or email address.

IOST introduces email or phone based blockchain accounts

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Private key storage is one of the most intimidating features of blockchain technology, but a new project will make those keys as easy to remember as your email address. IOST has just announced its introduction of OnBlock, a new add-on that will simplify the way users interact with the blockchain network. Instead of registering accounts and setting up private key pairs, users will be able to interact with dApps using nothing but their email address or phone numbers.

OnBlock was developed by Team Oasis, one of the staking nodes on IOST’s dPOS blockchain. Oasis is described as the “secret weapon” of the Internet of Services Token, which is devoted to making the blockchain more user-friendly and accessible.

According to a press release, IOST’s mainnet has already seen 250,000 or more accounts registered and 35 million transactions processed since its launch in May. Now the introduction of OnBlock will open the IOST network’s offerings to an even wider range of potential users, including those who may not be tech savvy.

The IOST team believes blockchain mass adoption needs to come not only from the utility of the technology, but also its availability. In the announcement, IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong said:

“The world needs a blockchain network that is not only scalable and built to deploy seamless DApp experiences, but also one that overcomes the technical barriers which prevent millions of everyday people from experiencing the benefits of blockchain technology.”

The first dApp to make use of OnBlock is Endless Game, a crypto casino with daily payouts regardless of performance. Since its launch, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed, clocking 100 million IOST transacted in its first 5 hours, as reports.

The IOST project wants to be at the forefront of both blockchain accessibility and capability, by offering enterprise grade technology and scalability with interactive options for everyday users.

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