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Meme supporter? Presidential candidate Kennedy Jr. buys $24,000 in GME stocks

Kennedy Jr. vows aggressive Wall Street reforms, aligns with GME investors.

Meme supporter? Presidential candidate Kennedy Jr. buys $24,000 in GME stocks

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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shared on X today that he invested $24,000 in GameStop’s GME stocks. In his post, Kennedy Jr. promises to “support the Ape retail rebellion and enact aggressive Wall Street reforms,” fulfilling alleged claims from retail investors for more transparency.

The funds used to invest in GME, according to the presidential candidate, were earned from his lawsuit against Monsanto. “I love the idea of making Monsanto support GME and the Apes. We need a free and fair market. Let’s punish predatory short selling to the moon. By the way, I ride with you and I’m not leaving.”

Moreover, Kennedy Jr. tagged investors such as RoaringKitty and Kat Stryker, both key people connected to the GME pump episode in late 2020.

RoaringKitty has been interacting with known crypto investors recently, such as Ansem. Therefore, traders such as EllioTrades suggested that Keith Gill, RoaringKitty’s real name, might tap into crypto soon.

If things play out as expected by EllioTrades, the crypto market might see Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interacting with meme coins as part of his presidential campaign efforts.

Altcoins hypercycle

The trader identified as Rekt Capital shared on X that an altcoin hypercycle might be ready to start at any moment. The upward movement, according to the trader, will take place up until July, when prices will cool off for a few weeks before shooting up again.

Furthermore, Rekt Capital predicts two altcoin hypercycles to take place in 2024 after the one set to start soon ends.

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