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LA Blockchain Week Will Take Place In October 2019

Los Angeles Blockchain Week

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LA Blockchain Week, which will take place from October 13-18 across various locations in Los Angeles, could not have chosen better timing after what some are considering blockchain’s biggest summer to-date. Blockchain’s mainstream promulgation is apparent, from Facebook coming on board with Libra to two SEC green-lights for Reg A+ token projects, and a front-stage spotlight after comments made by some of the world’s largest monetary stakeholders (including a sitting US president, the Federal Reserve Chairman, and the Department of Treasury’s Secretary).

The week will begin on October 13 and run through October 18 with different events taking place across the city. The week starts that Sunday with a Crypto Sunrise Hike in the Pacific Palisades and concludes October 18 with a Blockchain Gaming event hosted by Blockchain Beach. Other events for the week include Blockchain Beach’s Yacht Party in Marina Del Ray, as well as a crypto-themed Oktoberfest Beer Party Called “Blocktoberfest.”

“We are very excited about the growing number of partner events during LA Blockchain Week and the international attention we are getting,” said Josef Holm, co-organizer of the week and founding partner of Goren Holm Ventures, an LA based blockchain venture studio.

The week has educational events, too, including Blockchain Beginner Day for those just arriving to the industry, as well as CIS, which has many different learning tracks.

Austin Davis, Founder of Blockchain Beach, spoke in favor of the partnership ecosystem that is derived from the LA Blockchain scene.

“We are excited to spearhead LA Blockchain Week as partners with CIS! The Global Hackathon is all about building in this ecosystem by driving open source innovation via sponsored challenges and blockchain agnostic builder tracks. Come join in the fun this year in K-Town with Ethos Society and TGH. Of course, all festivities will be supported by the Blockchain Beach crew, and the highly anticipated CIS-wrap Yacht Party in Marina Del Rey will be a VIP night to remember!”

Ann Willmott, Founder of The Rabbit Hole, is excited to bring newcomers and a breath of diversity into the week’s events.

“The Rabbit Hole, in partnership with USC and LA Blockchain Lab, is excited to bring newcomers to LA Blockchain Week with ‘Beginner Blockchain Day LA’ on October 13. We will spend the day not only on blockchain basics but also cultivating problem-solving abilities and learning methods for developing blockchain solutions. Those who are sparked to explore further can go on to attend the Global Hackathon and CIS The focus will be on diversity through partnerships with organizations such as Latinas in Tech, Dapp Ladies, and Black Women in Technology.”

Here is a preliminary list of the week’s events, many more are in the works:

October 13
Crypto Sunrise Hike
Day 1: The Global Hackathon
Beginner Blockchain Day LA

October 14
CIS Kickoff Party
Day 2: The Global Hackathon
Crypto Mondays

October 15
Day 1: CIS

October 16:
Day 2: CIS
Blockchain Beach Yacht Party

October 17:
Blockchain at UCLA

October 18:
Blockchain Gaming

About LA Blockchain Week:

LA Blockchain Week is a week-long event taking place from October 13-18 in various locations across Los Angeles, from yacht parties in Marina Del Ray to the biggest crypto event in Los Angeles, CIS. Partners for the event include Expert Dojo, Blockchain Beach, Blockchain at UCLA, Security Token Summit, The Rabbit Hole, CIS, and The Global Hackathon.

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