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Lisk partners with Indonesian Ministry to boost Web3 startup ecosystem

The layer-2 blockchain highlights its interest in tackling local challenges by leveraging RWA, off-chain assets, and decentralized physical infrastructure networks.

Lisk partners with Indonesian Ministry to boost Web3 startup ecosystem

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Layer-2 blockchain Lisk announced on Feb. 27 a strategic partnership with the Directorate General of Informatics Applications (DGIA) of the Indonesian Ministry of Communications & Informatics Technology. This collaboration aims to support and develop the Web3 startup ecosystem in Indonesia.

The DGIA manages the country’s communications and information technology sectors and leads the “1000 Startup Digital Program,” which is dedicated to fostering digital talent, encouraging digital solutions, and cultivating a strong startup ecosystem nationwide. Under this new partnership, Lisk will offer its developer platform, mentorship, and initial grant funding to Web3 startups participating in the 1000 Digital Startup Program.

“At Lisk, we have been democratizing blockchain tech since our beginning in 2016. As we move into our next chapter as a Layer 2 focused on helping builders in Emerging Markets, we are looking forward to this unique opportunity to work in Indonesia alongside such strong partners like DGIA MCIT,” says Max Kordek, Founder of Lisk.

In addition to providing technical support, Lisk and the DGIA plan to develop educational content on Web3 technologies. This initiative aims to equip Indonesian Web3 entrepreneurs with essential blockchain knowledge through a comprehensive ‘Introduction to Blockchain’ course, covering consensus mechanisms, network structure, and practical use cases.

Moreover, Lisk’s involvement includes offering Bootstrap Grants, mentorship, community building, and promotional activities, showcasing its dedication to fostering a vibrant Web3 ecosystem within the program.

The announcement also highlights Lisk’s interest in addressing local challenges through real-world assets (RWA) tokenization, off-chain assets (OCA), and decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN).

“This collaboration is not just a mere agreement; it’s a visionary step towards fostering innovation, knowledge-sharing, and empowerment in the field of blockchain technology. We intend to collaborate in order to educate, encourage innovation, and empower Indonesian entrepreneurs and software developers with the skills needed to effectively harness blockchain technology,” concludes Semuel A. Pangerapan, Director General of Informatics Applications.

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