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Lyft And Blockchain Firm Solve.Care Collab To Provide Medical Transport

Lyft And Blockchain Firm Solve.Care Collab To Provide Non Emergency Medical Transport

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In a recent press release, blockchain firm Solve.Care announced a partnership with ride-share giant Lyft to tackle non-emergency medical transportation.

Solve.Care’s mission has always been to use blockchain to provide quality, cost-effective healthcare solutions to patients who need it most.  The firm’s primary focus is to automate and improve the healthcare system by allowing its users to coordinate important medical information, expenses and services.

Now, in a collaborative effort with Lyft, Solve.Care users can book rides to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, and pay automatically via SOLVE, the firm’s utility token for its integrated CareWallet app. Payments for rides can also be shared between insurers, employers, and family members. Solve.Care’s service will also allow users to organize trips, arrival times, and various assistance for patients on one seamless platform.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel adds that the alliance will “Improve patient satisfaction through timely access to care, reduced wait times, and simpler cost-sharing and access to transportation subsidies”.

Solve.Care is now among the first entities to bring blockchain adoption to the global healthcare system, a market which has also attracted companies like IBM – which recently partnered with enterprises in both the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

The advent of tokenization to streamline major services like healthcare provides yet more adoption of blockchain into mainstream life.

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