MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT $100K Airdrop Event

The Limited Edition NFTs released will serve as an individual user identity badge in the MetaVisa ecosystem.

MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT $100K Airdrop Event

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MetaVisa is a layer-3 middleware protocol built on Ethereum, dedicated to developing a decentralized identity and building a credit system in Metaverse.

MetaVisa has Held 10 AMAs in the Last Two Weeks with ten Communities whose Members are Centered in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Korea, the U.S., and much of Europe.

In addition, MetaVisa also concluded a $50K Bounty Rewards event. Users who held a MetaVisa NFT Hero and set it as their profile photo on Twitter and retweeted event tweet with #MetaVisa had the chance to share the bounty rewards, which have all been issued.

During the event and these last few AMA-packed weeks, MetaVisa’s Twitter following increased to 16.2k followers. Telegram’s global group reached 16.1k members. Over 6.5K users directly participated in recent events, and more than 1100 MetaVisa NFT Heros have been minted so far.

In the coming weeks, MetaVisa will bring you the limited-edition line of MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFTs. A total of 10,000 of these special NFTs exist, and no more will ever be created. Participants who join this event will have the chance to share $100K USDT rewards.

Details are as follows:

How to win Lucky Draw Rewards?

The first 1K participants will earn a special reward. After that, lottery lucky draw will be held that award random NFT holders no matter when they acquired theirs .

How much do Limited Edition NFTs cost?

Participants only need to pay the gas fees for minting. There are no other costs.

What is the benefit of owning a Limited Edition NFT?

The Limited Edition NFTs released will serve as an individual user identity badge in the MetaVisa ecosystem, identifying MetaVisa users for future privileges.

Can these NFTs be traded?

There are no restrictions for trading. Users can transfer NFTs to third-party NFT platforms for trading. After the transfer or transaction, the ownership, identification, and subsequent rights and interests corresponding to the NFT will also be transferred.


Only users who hold MetaVisa NFT Hero can participate in this activity. Claim your NFT Hero at

A user who holds a MetaVisa NFT Hero has three chances to draw a Limited Edition NFT every day.

Each address can claim only 1 Limited Edition NFT.

The user will need to pay all gas fees for claiming NFT

The final interpretation rights for this event belong to MetaVisa.

We hope you all enjoy participating in this event. We will hold a new airdrop campaign at a later date, so stay tuned for more coming events.

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