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Nyan Heroes launches new CATNIP and NYAN rewards with its Season 2

Season 2 ramps up the competition with the new ranked mode, offering new rewards and anti-cheat measures.

Nyan Heroes launches new CATNIP and NYAN rewards with its Season 2

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Web3-focused game Nyan Heroes announced the start of its Season 2 with its highly anticipated Ranked Mode, which will reward users with the token NYAN based on their performances. The ranked season will last until May 26.

Season 2 introduces a host of new missions, rewards, and gameplay experiences, including the opportunity to earn seasonal CATNIP through daily and weekly missions. The game’s ranking system, based on Matchmaking Rating (MMR), is designed to match players with similar skill levels, ensuring fair and competitive play.

As players win matches, they gain MMR, which can lead to higher ranks on the leaderboard, while losses will result in a decrease in MMR. The top 1% of players will achieve Champion Rank, with the possibility of rank fluctuation based on the overall player percentage.

The amount of seasonal CATNIP players can earn correlates with their MMR, incentivizing them to reach the top of the leaderboard. Moreover, Season 2 offers a new pool of NYAN tokens as rewards.

Nyan Heroes is a Web3 hero shooter made by talents behind Destiny, Halo, and the Avengers. The game is available on the Epic Games store.

Season 2 also features a Solo/Duo Mode, allowing players to team up and climb the ranks together. For those seeking teammates, the game’s Discord channel offers a dedicated space for finding partners.

The team behind Nyan Heroes also announced their commitment to fair play, introducing measures to combat inactivity and cheating. Players who are AFK will be removed from matches and replaced, suffering a significant MMR penalty. The introduction of Easy Anti-Cheat software will also ensure a level playing field by preventing game file alterations.

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