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Our editorial section offers our writers, and occasional guest editors, the opportunity to share thoughts on the cryptocurrency world.

As you know, we are unsponsored and we have no advertisers. Our opinion page is where the full weight of our independence comes to the fore – allowing us to be completely honest about our own community, its strengths and challenges, and the way it is portrayed by others.

Bitcoin Can Satisfy The World Global Monetary Transformation

Bitcoin Can Sat-isfy The World: Monetary Transformation On A Global Scale

What would it take for economies to be transformed? From measuring the worth of assets in fiat currencies -- pounds, euros, dollars, and so...
Congressman Brad Sherman Wants To Ban Crypto Because It Scares The Shit Out Of Him

Congressman Brad Sherman Wants To Ban Crypto Because It Scares The Living Shit Out...

Urgently calling on Congress to “nip this in the bud”, U.S. Congressman Bradley Sherman recently proposed a bill outlawing the purchase of cryptocurrencies in...
Bitcoin In Your Face Buffeted From All Sides, BTC Thrives And Survives

Bitcoin In Your Face: Buffeted From All Sides, BTC Survives And Thrives

Bitcoin continues to defy the odds, the critics, and the hackers, as the crypto world turns its attention to Consensus 2019 in New York....
Is any crypto exchange truly secure?

Is Any Crypto Exchange Truly Secure?

In light of yesterday’s Binance hack, exchange security is back in the spotlight. Changpeng Zhao has reassured affected users they would be compensated for...
R3 Advocates for permissioned blockchains

R3 Tech Lead Advocates For Permissioned Blockchains

Permissioned blockchains often fill the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities with suspicion. It's like your grandad showing up to your house party in a snap-back...
Basic Attention Token Flies Onto The Radar

Attention Please! BAT Developments Fly Onto Public Radar

Basic Attention Token (BAT) grabbed headlines when its May 2017 ICO raised $35 million in under a minute. A year later, BAT continues to...
Tether fears are overblown, but Bitfinex isn't

Is Tether Headed For More Trouble?

Skies are falling again, at least if you read crypto media. The latest chapter of the Bitfinex drama has many traders worried, and caused...
Tether Fears Could Be Good for bitcoin

Are Tether Fears Good For Bitcoin?

Looking back on the 2017 bull run, there were three big events which preceded bitcoin's parabolic rise:  China banning cryptocurrency Extreme Tether uncertainty Jamie...
IEO's sign of a maturing crypto industry

Is The IEO A Sign Crypto Is Growing Up?

This time last year, no one had even heard of an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). But in the past six months, token offerings where...
Is there an ethereum killer on the loose

Is The “Ethereum Killer” On The Loose?

Binance has launched its own blockchain, raising speculation that yet another another Ethereum killer could be on the loose. Ethereum's imminent death has already...

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