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$322 Million How The SEC Should Settle With Ripple Labs Over XRP

$322 Million: How The SEC Should Settle With Ripple Labs Over XRP

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission handed down a $24 million slap on the wrist to Block.one for allegedly selling unregistered securities in its...
privacy please zcash dash under scrutiny

A Little Privacy? Coins Zcash And Dash Under Scrutiny

Earlier this year, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issued its guidance to member states on a “risk-based approach to virtual assets and virtual...
why bakkt's slow start was no surprise

Late Bloomer: Why Bakkt’s Slow Start Is No Surprise

Bakkt has finally opened its platform for physically-delivered Bitcoin futures, but the response has been underwhelming. Nearly a year after the owners of the...
crypto and venture capital

Venture Capital: From Public Enemy To Crypto’s Best Friend

Venture capital and crypto are now colliding in ways that were unthinkable only a few years ago. When Tim Draper began his career, he...

Crypto’s Free Market Obeys Nobody, Not Even Roger Ver

Say what you like about Roger Ver, but he certainly doesn't suffer from false modesty. The founder of Bitcoin.com recently took to YouTube with...
nexo dividends sexy again

Nexo Tokens Could Make Dividends Sexy Again

Debts products and dividends-paying stocks hardly have the same sex appeal as surging equities, but Nexo could soon change that in the crypto landscape. Today's...
Ron paul wants to abolish the fed

Ron Paul Wants To Abolish The Federal Reserve. Let Cryptocurrency Do That Instead

The greatest threat to America’s democracy might not be the Russians, according to former Congressman Ron Paul. In an episode of his weekly Freedom...
marc andreessen compares crypto to the early internet

Andreessen Horowitz Summit: Crypto Is Like The Internet In 1992

If Andreessen Horowitz has any say in the matter, crypto regulation could be just around the corner. As unsavory as it may sound, Washington tends...
US crypto taxes still hard to solve

US Crypto Taxes Are Still A Kafkaesque Nightmare

Taxes are never popular, but in the U.S., paying for crypto gains is like solving a Rubik's Cube without touching it. While blindfolded. You...
crypto isnt as safe as you think

How To Keep Your Crypto (Somewhat) Safe

There's good news, you’re not paranoid. They really are out to get you.  Earlier this month, leading cryptocurrency intelligence firm CipherTrace published its quarterly report,...
Ripple And Santander XRP Is Going Nowhere, But Fanboys Still Won't Listen

Ripple And Santander – XRP Is Going Nowhere, But Fanboys Still Won’t Listen

Ripple has been in the headlines today, as the Spanish bank Santander confirmed plans to extend the use of Ripple's xCurrent network. The banking...
Rejecting Libra A Postscript On The Importance Of Decentralization

Rejecting Libra: A Postscript On The Importance Of Decentralization

Following our open letter to non-crypto friends, the crucial topic of decentralization demanded further elaboration. Why is it at the heart of so many...
How Blockchain Projects Can Succeed (And Avoid Legal Hassles) in the USA

How Blockchain Projects Can Succeed (And Avoid Legal Hassles) in the USA

If you started your legal career more than 30 years ago in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) Enforcement Division by suing a company...
gold vs bitcoin

Stick To Sports, Mark Cuban: You Clearly Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Billionaires are always good for a spectacle. Elon Musk tweets a line about his favourite currency, and Dogecoin moons; when Mike Novogratz or Warren...
juggling crypto.com concept

Why Does Crypto.Com Have Two Tokens?

Crypto.com Chain is a mobile wallet, accompanied by a payments card. When the project launched in 2017, it seemed an ideal way to increase...
right wing extremists are headed to a blockchain platform near you.

Extremists Are Turning To Crypto, But Can We Do Anything About It?

The shooting in El Paso this weekend took the lives of 20 innocent people. After it emerged that the alleged shooter had been using...
Two years later bitcoin cash fulfilling its promises

Two Years Later, Is Bitcoin Cash Living Up To Its Promises?

Today marks the second anniversary of the User-Activated Hard Fork, which split the Bitcoin community into two competing currencies. While there have been many...
consolation prize equifax store credit

Consolation Prize: No Cash For Equifax Victims, Accept Store Credit Instead

If your data were exposed by the Equifax breach, it may already be too late to claim your payout. Victims of the hack are...
diversity also helps increase profits

What’s The Point Of Diversity? Higher Profits, For One

Amid the ongoing debate about diversity and inclusion, one of the biggest questions we've heard repeated is, “WHY?”  Not “why isn’t there more diversity?” We’ve...
Fatuous Hypocrite Mnuchin Says Cash Isn’t Used For Money-Laundering

Fatuous Hypocrite: Mnuchin Says Cash Isn’t Used For Money-Laundering

Listening to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin talk about money-laundering, cash, and Bitcoin, you come to one of two possible conclusions: Mnuchin does not know...

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