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Our editorial section offers our writers, and occasional guest editors, the opportunity to share thoughts on the cryptocurrency world.

As you know, we are unsponsored and we have no advertisers. Our opinion page is where the full weight of our independence comes to the fore – allowing us to be completely honest about our own community, its strengths and challenges, and the way it is portrayed by others.

Is there an ethereum killer on the loose

Is The “Ethereum Killer” On The Loose?

Binance has launched its own blockchain, raising speculation that yet another another Ethereum killer could be on the loose. Ethereum's imminent death has already...

What Happens When Bitcoin Block Rewards Fall?

The next bitcoin block reward halving will occur in roughly 57,000 blocks, putting in somewhere in May 2020. Based on the last two halvings,...
roger ver won bitcoin cash debate

Roger Ver Won The Debate, But Bitcoin Cash Lost The Argument

At the recent Malta 2019 A.I and Blockchain Summit, Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver argued confidently with Bitcoin-maximalist Tone Vays, espousing the advantages of...
Basic Attention Token Flies Onto The Radar

Attention Please! BAT Developments Fly Onto Public Radar

Basic Attention Token (BAT) grabbed headlines when its May 2017 ICO raised $35 million in under a minute. A year later, BAT continues to...
Could cryptocurrency spell doom for fiat money.

Is Cryptocurrency A Genuine Threat To Fiat Money?

Is fiat doomed? There are plenty in the crypto community who think so. One of the reasons crypto came to be was dissatisfaction with...
Can EOS' Dan Larimer unseat Facebook

From Steemit To Voice: Can EOS’ Dan Larimer Unseat Mark Zuckerberg?

Last week Block.one confirmed the launch of an EOS-based social network. Having purchased over $20 million worth of RAM prior to the announcement, pundits...
Facebook Libra Coin - taking Zuckerberg's crypto at face value

A Straight-Up Hit Job On Facebook And Libra Crypto, With No Excuses Whatsoever

Crypto Briefing can reveal absolutely no more additional details regarding Facebook's highly-anticipated cryptocurrency, Libra. Based on what we hear on Twitter from other people who...
Racism Has No Place In Cryptocurrency Or America, Mr. Trump

Racism Has No Place In Cryptocurrency: Or America, Mr. Trump.

Cryptocurrency is an industry without borders. The very nature of decentralization and anonymity should preclude your geographical location, the color of your skin, your...
Crypto Private Keys Are Too Complicated for Most Humans To Use

Crypto Key Management Is Too Complicated

I grew up at the dawn of passwords. I pretty much just had to memorize my parent’s address and phone number to get around....
Congressman Brad Sherman Wants To Ban Crypto Because It Scares The Shit Out Of Him

Congressman Brad Sherman Wants To Ban Crypto Because It Scares The Living Shit Out...

Urgently calling on Congress to “nip this in the bud”, U.S. Congressman Bradley Sherman recently proposed a bill outlawing the purchase of cryptocurrencies in...

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