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Our editorial section offers our writers, and occasional guest editors, the opportunity to share thoughts on the cryptocurrency world.

As you know, we are unsponsored and we have no advertisers. Our opinion page is where the full weight of our independence comes to the fore – allowing us to be completely honest about our own community, its strengths and challenges, and the way it is portrayed by others.

Cryptohopper or Bundil: Who has the best crypto investment app?

Cryptohopper or Bundil: Who Has The Best Crypto Investment App?

Investing in cryptocurrency used to be a pain. Early buyers of Bitcoin, for example, were forced to be miners to use the wallet. If...
Why My Money Is On Charles Hoskinson - Co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano and math lover

Why My Money Is On Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson is the co-founder of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), Cardano, and Ethereum. Based in Colorado, USA, the tech entrepreneur and mathematician studied...
Vitalik Buterin Nouriel Roubini Debate - Crypto Briefing Editor Jon Rice Urges Community Not To Engage Further

An Open Letter To Vitalik Buterin re. Nouriel Roubini

Dear Mr. Buterin, You are walking into a trap. Debating Nouriel Roubini is a bad idea, for a number of reasons. Mr. Roubini has repeatedly attacked the...
Jamie Dimon is an asshole - but the CEO of JPMorgan Chase is not a dumbass

Jamie Dimon Is An Asshole

Jamie Dimon is an asshole - so says the entire cryptocurrency community. But whether we appreciate his assertion that bitcoin is "a fraud" or...
Crypto Speculators Deserve A Lot More Credit For The State Of Blockchain Adoption

Crypto Speculators – Yes, We’re Talking About You

Crypto speculators get a bad rap. Even the phrase itself makes any crypto-enthusiast cringe - like “This is a bubble!” and “Cryptocurrency needs regulation!”,...
R3 Advocates for permissioned blockchains

R3 Tech Lead Advocates For Permissioned Blockchains

Permissioned blockchains often fill the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities with suspicion. It's like your grandad showing up to your house party in a snap-back...
David Schwartz of Ripple Slays April 1st With Totally Ad Lib Routine

David Schwartz of Ripple Slays April 1st With Totally Ad Lib Routine

The worst thing about April Fools’ Day is reading the statements of serious business people and wondering if they can be taken seriously. Yesterday...
Privacy Coins ban would be disastrous for crypto

A Ban On Privacy Coins Could Be Disastrous

Privacy coins are an important part of the cryptocurrency world. Although transactions between two wallet addresses are recorded on a blockchain and publically accessible,...
Roger Ver vs Charlie Lee - The BTC Smackdown Over Bitcoin Segwit

Roger Ver vs Charlie Lee: BTC SMACKDOWN

With the disagreement between Bitcoin Core developers and Segwit2x supporters, perhaps it should be no surprise that some of the big names on both...
emerging markets

Zimbabwe – A Blockchain Bellwether for Emerging Markets?

The world’s eyes are on Zimbabwe, watching a coup d’état unravel 37 years of Mugabe’s reign. As uncertainty in the country over the takeover...

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