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Our editorial section offers our writers, and occasional guest editors, the opportunity to share thoughts on the cryptocurrency world.

As you know, we are unsponsored and we have no advertisers. Our opinion page is where the full weight of our independence comes to the fore – allowing us to be completely honest about our own community, its strengths and challenges, and the way it is portrayed by others.

Bring Back The ICO: A Contrarian View

It pays to be a contrarian. Social media, news outlets, and industry experts create a herding effect. Optimism and despondence build steam equally fast and trap crowds in a carousel of buy high, sell low cycles. Many have been caught in the…

Crypto Briefing Announces $2M Seed Funding

Crypto Briefing started off as two people chatting in a Telegram group. We shared ideas about the blockchain projects we found interesting, and wondered if there was some way that we could make a difference in the community we had grown…

China Bans Create Crypto Refugees

China's latest crackdown on cryptocurrency trading won't stop the determined few. China is set to lose the best and brightest of its current digital crop as they head off as crypto refugees. There is just one problem: they're taking the…

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