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Optimism will roll out new features to support layer 3 on Superchain

New features lower costs and ease L3 integration for developers on Optimism's Superchain.

Optimism will roll out new features to support layer 3 on Superchain

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Optimism is set to release two new features to facilitate the integration of layer 3 (L3) builders into its Superchain network. The upcoming features, custom gas tokens, and Plasma Mode, are designed to streamline the onboarding process for L3s utilizing the OP Stack and to foster a collaborative environment within the Optimism ecosystem.

According to Optimism’s blog post, projects looking to build an L3 solution can use their existing layer 2 (L2) token for gas fees. Optimism expects this feature to simplify the transition for communities from L2 to L3 and reduce onboarding costs for new users.

“- rather than needing to onramp by performing an expensive L1 transaction depositing gas tokens into the L2, on-ramping to an L3 can be as simple as performing a cheap L2 deposit transaction into the L3,” Optimism stated.

The deployment of custom gas tokens is in the final stages and is expected to be available soon, the team noted.

With Plasma Mode, Optimism wants to offer an alternative data availability (DA) layer option, which is essential for developers looking to launch cost-effective chains.

By only requiring transactions to be submitted to L2 rather than the Ethereum Mainnet, the costs associated with data commitments and output roots are significantly reduced. This reduction in fixed overhead costs makes L3s a more accessible option for deployment on the OP Stack.

“Low overhead costs give L3 teams an even more accessible option for deploying on the OP Stack.” Optimism added.

The team claims that the recent launch of Redstone, the first OP Stack Chain with Plasma Mode, exemplifies the potential of this feature to enable high-throughput applications without the need for new programming languages. Optimism continues to develop Plasma Mode to integrate multiple DA layers and anticipates that L3s will extensively experiment with this feature.

Optimism’s vision for Superchain is to create a chain network that shares an open-source tech stack and contributes revenue to the Optimism Collective. L3s are now invited to join this expanding network, with the promise of access to a broad network of builders, eligibility for various funding opportunities, and the ability to shape the future of scalability within the Superchain ecosystem.

The latest developments are part of Optimism’s ongoing effort to meet the growing demand for flexible and customizable technology within the Optimism ecosystem. They also demonstrate the company’s commitment to making blockchain technology more accessible to a wider range of developers and consumers.

“As the Optimism ecosystem grows, so does the demand for flexible, customizable tech. Scalability is about making blockchain technology more accessible to more builders and consumers. If developers can build scalable applications, they can reach more users without excessively increasing their costs or needing to multiply their resources,” Optimism stated.

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