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PancakeSwap Launches on Polygon zkEVM for DEX Functionality

PancakeSwap announces the launch of v3 on Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta, introducing lower trading fees, increased capital efficiency and enhanced user experience.

PancakeSwap Launches on Polygon zkEVM for DEX Functionality

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Decentralized exchange PancakeSwap has officially launched its v3 on the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta, introducing new functionalities for trading and liquidity provision.

Traders will now be able to take advantage of PancakeSwap v3’s introduction of multi-tier fees. This allows traders to choose from four fee tiers, ranging from 0.01% to 1%, according to their trading preferences and the liquidity pool they’re operating in.

The customization is aimed at providing traders with options that align best with their unique needs, resulting in lower trading fees across the platform.

Capital efficiency is another area where PancakeSwap v3 allows traders to concentrate capital within specific price ranges where most trading occurs, the system allows for more effective use of resources. This improvement leads to lower slippage, enhancing the overall trading experience on PancakeSwap.

In addition to these features, the integration with Polygon’s zkEVM Mainnet Beta harnesses the power of Ethereum’s Layer Two scaling solution. This results in further reduction of gas costs, making trading more affordable on the platform:

“This technology enhances the functionality of Ethereum smart contracts and dApps, reducing gas costs and increasing network throughput.”

PancakeSwap is introducing its Traverse the Treasure Islands Campaign on Galxe in conjunction with the launch, where participants can engage in tasks to earn loyalty points and gain exclusive access to celebratory NFTs.

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