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Paperboat Studios Canada Launches NFT Project Tattva118 at Cannes

Tattva118 aims to bring blockchain technology into mainstream entertainment, education, and environmental activities.

Paperboat Studios Canada Launches NFT Project Tattva118 at Cannes

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Toronto-based Paperboat Animation Studios Inc is poised to rattle the NFT space with a real-world utility project, Tattva118. When other projects promote profile pictures or exclusive access to secret dens, Tattva118 is creating a thriving space for entertainment, education, and the environment. This project will bring the community to the center of the decision, contribution, and impact through its well-defined roadmap to achieve its vision for life, industry, and the environment. The journey was announced by launching the animation slate of the Tattva118 movie and the Tattva118 website at Cannes on May. 20, 2022.

Paperboat Is on a Journey To Build Tattva118

Tattva118 has picked up the most ignored subject – Chemistry. When asked “why Chemistry?”

CEO, Soumitra Ranade, said:

“It controls the existence, survival, affluence, and progress of life, industry, and environment. Hence chemistry.”

When looking deeper into the structure of the periodic table, Tattva118 philosophy reveals itself as well aligned and thoughtful. The elements like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen seem to control existence, and elements like sodium, calcium, and magnesium support survival. The elements like gold, silver, platinum and many others signify affluence, whereas the rare elements like thorium, plutonium, and uranium are sparking progress in space or medical technologies.

Tattva118 aims to bring blockchain technology into mainstream entertainment, education, and environmental activities. Tattva118 is anthropomorphizing the known 118 elements of the periodic table and bringing them into movie-metaverse-magic. The movie domain of the project will include feature films, short films, and TV Series while giving access to the community also to produce reels using the elements as characters. The metaverse domain creates a space for the visitors to learn, play, meet, and participate. It will also release multiple games for all age groups featuring 2D and 3D animation. Through the magic domain, the project will reveal its educational and environmental activities for the world.

The first stage of the product starts with sales of 13,924 Element NFTs.

According to co-founder Mayank Patel:

“The Element NFTs are super collections of Genesis NFTs and Avatar NFTs. The team at Paperboat has created unique characters by ascribing personality traits to each element. This will be done for the first time in the NFT space.”

The elements’ personalities evolved from drawing inspiration from their core characteristics, role in the world, natural origins, inventors of the elements, and infusing incredible creativity while bringing them into the digital world. The hand-drawn genesis NFTs were developed with the collaboration of chemistry geeks, child psychologists, and creative experts. Vistas Media Capital, Singapore, is backing the project.

The Global CEO of Vistas Media Capital, Abhayanand Singh, said:

“Paperboat is a best-in-class animation studio with the most skilled and imaginative storytellers I’ve been around. This initial slate of Tattva118 puts their arsenal of talent on display and offers something for everyone around the world.”

Investors across NFT, technology, and entertainment are keen on Tattva118’s uniqueness and future possibilities.

Tattva118 is ready to transform the space by offering Metaverse, Movies, and Magic using the Web3 ecosystem. The initiative will attract both crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts by providing the advantages of ownership, collaboration, monetization capabilities, and decentralization.

Paperboat Canada was incorporated in August 2021 in Toronto to have a global reach for animation movies and other artwork. Paperboat India was incorporated in July 2013 in Mumbai, and since then has been expanding globally with multiple projects. The founding team Soumitra Ranade, Aashish Mall, and Mayank Patel have together produced great work in animation and live cinema.

Paperboat is now on a journey to build Tattva118, the first blockchain-driven ecosystem with real-world applications. Tattva118 unifies the vision for entertainment, education, and the environment.

Paperboat follows a personal approach to a product that stems from its core ideology to serve simplicity with sophistication.

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