PARSIQ Network will Redefine Web3 Backend Infrastructure

PARSIQ Network will refocus the project toward fundamental technologies and Software Development Kits (SDKs).

PARSIQ Network will Redefine Web3 Backend Infrastructure

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PARSIQ’s expanded vision will build upon previous core technologies to become a full data suite for Web3 applications, enabling industry-leading real-time and historical data querying and a host of customizable data solutions.

A Full Data Suite for Web3 Apps

PARSIQ, a blockchain monitoring infrastructure SaaS, has announced a roadmap for an ambitious all-in-one suite that will establish the project as the go-to data and infrastructure solution for Web3 applications.

PARSIQ Network, as it will be known, is a multifaceted approach that will refocus the project toward fundamental technologies and Software Development Kits (SDKs) which applications will be able to integrate with ease.

The team will build upon their existing technology and core attributes which will run under the hood of the newly announced Tsunami API supporting querying abilities for both the historical and real-time data faster and more efficiently than existing providers. Alongside an open plug-and-play developer SDK, PARSIQ Network will help speed up the onboarding process for new protocols.

Tsunami API will first be supported on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and notably Avalanche, with additional chains to be announced and added on a continuing basis.

Further custom data solutions will be available to PARSIQ clients using Data Hubs where protocols can access their tailored real-time and historical data leading to faster response time.

Data Lakes are also on the horizon, which are custom integrations of each dApp and protocol, each with its unique internal logic.  By implementing the concept of Data Lakes, third parties interested in these dApps and protocols will have a way to retrieve them through these dedicated Lake APIs.

From a community and retail perspective, PARSIQ blockchain data explorer, Atlas, will be designed with an easy-to-use front end, intended for all types of retail users looking to run data queries to analyze trades, arbs, and yield potentials.

PARSIQ Network will move towards a product known as Hybrid, a solution that allows for non-critical on-chain processing activities to be taken off-chain.  This will not only lower costs and complexity but also create a more satisfying user experience for all end-users.  This will provide dApps with the ability to manage certain tasks off-chain as well as a seamless integration of the PARSIQ reverse trigger technology.

Over time, this hybrid approach will allow the team to implement further decentralization within the PARSIQ Network, where validators can provably confirm cross-chain data and initiate tasks.

Commenting on the new roadmap PARSIQ CEO, Tom Tirman said:

“The PARSIQ Network roadmap and product suite is the result of months of learning from our customers, partners, and the broader industry – the critical needs that were arising from different Web3 projects. Today, I am excited to share more about PARSIQ Network – our product strategy,  where we’re going, and a roadmap to achieving our goal of being the go-to server-less data and backend platform for Web3 applications.”

To date, PARSIQ has nurtured an active and engaged community. Going forward, this community will be organized, managed, and incentivized through the PARSIQ DAO which will influence the direction of the PARSIQ Network going forward.

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time, providing transaction notifications for end-users. With PARSIQ users can connect blockchain activity to off-chain apps and devices, monitor and secure DeFi applications, build custom event triggers, and real-time automations.

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