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Playnance unveils gaming layer 3 PlayBlock on Arbitrum with Gelato RaaS

PlayBlock offers seamless access to interconnected games, eliminating the need for sign-up headaches.

Playnance launches PlayBlock on Arbitrum

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Polygon-powered game and web3 platform Playnance announced today the launch of its PlayBlock layer 3 ecosystem. Developed on Arbitrum Orbit and powered by Gelato’s Rollup-as-a-Service platform, PlayBlock is set to revolutionize the gaming experience, targeting onboarding thousands of daily active users.

As noted in a press release, PlayBlock aims to streamline game development by offering white-labeling options and seamless platform integrations. This eliminates the need for users to make gas payments. Following the introduction of PlayBlock, the team sets its sights on a mainnet launch in early April.

PlayBlock’s goal is to make playing web3 games easier and more attractive for a wider audience. According to the team, players can create a single profile that works across all PlayBlock games. This eliminates the hassle of separate sign-ups for each game and allows players to seamlessly carry their identities and in-game assets across the PlayBlock ecosystem. With over a hundred mobile-first games in development, PlayBlock is poised to be a major player in driving the mass adoption of web3 gaming.

“Launching our dedicated chain is a natural evolution of Playnance’s vision as one of the leading peer-to-peer web3 gaming platforms,” said Roman Levi, CTO of Playnance. “Our ambition is driven by the goal to combine the benefits of Web3 on-chain gaming with the fun and accessibility of traditional games, all without the web3 complexity.”

PlayBlock leverages Arbitrum Nitro’s rollup technology and Gelato’s RaaS platform, enhancing gameplay with transparency and asset ownership. The chain’s 250ms block time and near-instant finality allow for high transaction throughput. The PBG token ensures a zero-gas experience, while the USDP stablecoin maintains reward stability.

Gelato’s integrated Relayer supports gasless, session-based gameplay, and the PlayWall wallet, based on ERC-4337, offers easy social logins.

“We developed a gaming-first, fully-serviced, auto-scalable rollup infrastructure enabling Playnance to grow and scale at pace, whilst focusing on their core business,” said Hilmar Orth, Founder of Gelato.

Playnance’s multi-chain vision involves interconnected PlayBlock layer 3 chains for scalability and cross-chain interoperability, aiming to support a vast gaming economy.

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