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Polkadot's first meme coin set for public launch today

New Pinkdrop game version to feature daily tournaments and drive $PINK adoption.

Polkadot's first meme coin set for public launch today

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Polkadot’s first community meme coin announced its public launch today. The token PINK, which was previously airdropped to key Polkadot communities, will become accessible to the broader public via fair launch model. The token’s total supply is a nod to Polkadot’s RGB color code, capped at 2,300,001,221.

PINK is hosted on Polkadot AssetHub and aims for equitable distribution across the ecosystem. Polkadot parachains have 12.5% of PINK’s supply earmarked, with 14 teams currently qualified to receive allocations. These teams have the autonomy to distribute their share to users as they see fit. Moonbeam stands to receive the most substantial parachain airdrop, with Bifrost and Astar following.

Moreover, the game studio responsible for the Great Escape has introduced PINKDROP, a browser game designed to engage users with the Polkadot ecosystem through interactive challenges. The game has quickly gained traction, with over 225,000 sessions played by 14,000 unique addresses within the first month. Additionally, 15% of PINK’s supply is reserved for PINKDROP players, with extra tokens for those completing social tasks.

Another 2.5% of the supply will be distributed to gaming communities to foster Web3 gaming development on Polkadot. Six games, including, have participated, three from the Polkadot network.

Anticipation builds as a new version of Pinkdrop is set to launch, featuring a league mode with daily tournaments and $PINK prizes, promising to boost the token’s adoption and showcase its potential within Polkadot’s gaming sphere.

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