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Polygon teams up with Animoca Brands, Human Institute to develop palm-based ID verification solution

The protocol aims to address the challenge of sybil resistance in Web3.

Polygon, Animoca Brands, Human Institute to develop palm-based ID verification solution

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The Human Institute, a human-centric tech firm, announced today its partnership with Polygon Labs and Animoca Brands to develop a proof-of-humanity identity verification protocol using palm recognition technology to ensure a secure, accessible, and inclusive Web3 user experience. By adopting non-invasive approach, the protocol aims to foster the development of diverse blockchain applications, including on-chain games, DeFi solutions, and even real-world asset integration.

The newly introduced protocol, dubbed the ‘Humanity Protocol,’ has witnessed the participation of experts in technology and blockchain. Terence Kwok leads the project with advice from a group of well-known leaders, including Yat Siu from Animoca Brands and Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon Labs.

The protocol will leverage Polygon CDK, an open-source framework created by Polygon to enable developers to construct modular, ZK-powered Layer 2 blockchains on top of Ethereum, the Human Institute noted in a blog post.

“The zkEVM Layer-2 blockchain protocol leverages the Polygon CDK, fortified by zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs to ensure network security, and incorporates the Proof of Humanity (PoH) consensus mechanism for identity validation.”

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands will support the project in growing its ecosystem with its Web3 and digital ownership expertise.

According to the Human Institute, palm recognition tech is a less invasive alternative to the controversial iris scanning method and can be easily accessed through smartphones. This approach strengthens defenses against bots and fraudulent accounts while allowing users to securely prove their identity on the blockchain.

As part of its preliminary phase, the Human Protocol plans to launch a testnet and invite users to engage and earn rewards. The project also sets its sight on bringing “the first billion humans onto the blockchain.”

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