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'Decentralized GitHub' Radicle launches first version of its platform

Radicle 1.0 enables developers to retain control of code and data

'Decentralized GitHub' Radicle launches first version of its platform

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Peer-to-peer code collaboration protocol Radicle has launched its version 1.0, a key milestone following its initial beta release in 2020. Radicle extends the capabilities of centralized services like GitHub with features including decentralized identity, a gossip protocol, and integrated social artifacts to enable a self-hosted network for code collaboration.

“Software shapes our reality and will continue to do so. We need a neutral place where software can be built and only an open protocol can provide that. Radicle is our answer to that – a sovereign code forge that gives users full autonomy and ownership of their data,” said Redicle co-founder Alexis Sellier.

Designed to empower developers by enabling them to retain full control of identity and data, Radicle lets users set the rules of their code environment. The software aims to provide a highly secure, censorship-resistant, non-blockchain-based network that respects user sovereignty.

Radicle is local-first, with each user running a Radicle Stack consisting of a CLI, networked node service, and optional web client and HTTP daemon. Nodes exchange data via gossip protocol to create a disruption-tolerant network.

The announcement urges pro-liberty developers to join Radicle’s peer-to-peer code collaboration environment.

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