RWA is the best-performing crypto sector in Q2: Artemis data

Centralized exchange tokens show 7% growth, second only to RWA in Q2 crypto sector performance.

RWA is the best-performing crypto sector in Q2: Artemis data

Key Takeaways

  • RWA tokens grew 28% in Q2, outperforming all other crypto sectors.
  • AI-related tokens saw the steepest decline at 60.7% in Q2.

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Data aggregator Artemis shows that real-world assets (RWA) tokens grew nearly 28% on average during the second quarter, outshining other crypto sectors. The tokens tracked by Artemis to get the average are Ondo (ONDO), Mantra (OM), Clearpool (CPOOL), and Maple (MPL).

Average performance of different crypto sectors in Q2. Image: Artemis

In the same period, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) slumped 10% and 2%, respectively. The only crypto sector that showed a positive performance along with the RWA tokens is the centralized exchanges’ tokens, with roughly 7% growth.

Although those numbers don’t seem out of the ordinary when the volatility of crypto is considered, the average performance of the market in Q2 is -34.6%. The “Utilities and Services” sector, which includes tokens such as ENS, SAFE, and ANKR, managed to stay above the average market performance with a 17% dip.

Despite being the most profitable narrative in Q1, meme coins showed a 33% average slump in the second quarter. Floki Inu (FLOKI), Dogwifhat (WIF), and Memecoin (MEME) were the meme coins tracked by Artemis with the worst performances in the period.

Artificial intelligence-related tokens, taken as one of the most important narratives in crypto during this cycle, registered a 60.7% drop in Q2, the worst average performance in the period.

Moreover, the Bitcoin decentralized finance ecosystem also endured a 58% crash in Q2, despite the hype around this narrative exploding after the post-halving introduction of Runes. Other sectors that performed below the average include decentralized exchanges’ native tokens, gaming, social finance (SocialFi), decentralized applications’ native tokens, and oracles.

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