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Saga debuts mainnet with 350 projects and announces airdrop

Saga's mainnet goes live with 350 projects and an announced token airdrop.

Saga debuts mainnet with 350 projects and announces airdrop

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Layer-1 blockchain Saga today announced the launch of its mainnet, aiming to provide a framework for application-specific blockchain creation, called “Chainlets”. In its launch, the mainnet arrives with 350 projects as part of the Innovator Program, designed to cultivate a community of Web3 developers.

“Launching the Saga mainnet, we deliver on our promise to redefine Web3 development by enabling creators to deploy their blockchains with zero cost to end users,” said Rebecca Liao, co-founder and CEO of Saga. “With this launch, we’re tearing down the financial and technical walls that have kept blockchain’s potential in check. It’s a direct invitation to developers who’ve been waiting for a more accessible and scalable way to bring their projects to life.”

Chainlets utilizes Saga’s Integrated Stack to enable developers to create “appchains”, powered by Cosmos Interchain Security (ICS). Appchains are fit for projects which demand dedicated blockspace and built-in interoperability, facilitating horizontal scalability without sacrificing performance or security.

In its quest to enhance interoperability and scalability, Saga raised $15 million from notorious investors, such as Maven11, Longhash, Samsung, Polygon, and Merit Circle.

The mainnet launch also includes a phased token distribution plan, with SAGA tokens to be airdropped to participants and monthly airdrops from over 100 partner projects to SAGA stakers. Furthermore, Saga has formed strategic partnerships with Polygon, Avalanche, and Celestia to enhance their infrastructure using Chainlet technology.

Saga is also focused on the Web3 gaming narrative, by establishing a game publishing division devoted to bringing “provocative, expansive, and uncompromising games” to market called Saga Origins. According to the announcement, Saga Origins is committed to offering full-service support to game developers, ensuring their success in the market.

“The Saga mainnet launch and Saga Origins together forge a powerful ecosystem where developers can build and launch groundbreaking games. Saga Origins actively connects these innovative games with the community, ensuring developers have both the technology and the platform to captivate audiences. Our commitment is clear: to make Saga the foundation for the next generation of gaming,” concludes Liao.

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