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Ethereum layer 2 Scroll unveils loyalty program to reward early adopters and active users

Scroll Sessions incentivize with Marks for bridging assets to Ethereum L2.

Scroll introduces loyalty program

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Scroll, an Ethereum layer 2 (L2) project, has unveiled “Scroll Sessions,” a loyalty program rewarding active users and early adopters with “Scroll Marks” for their engagement with the ecosystem. The program kicks off with Session Zero.

According to Scroll’s blog announcement on Wednesday, Session Zero lets users earn “Scroll Marks” by bridging assets (like ETH, wstETH, or STONE) to Scroll using the native bridge or LayerZero. In addition, holding these assets on Scroll is the only requirement for Session Zero, with no additional transactions necessary.

“Scroll Marks” will also be allocated to members who have interacted with Scroll since the mainnet genesis block on October 10, 2023. Additionally, the team plans to launch more “Sessions” with engaging features and introduce a frontend for users to track their “Scroll Marks.”

The team noted that the program is currently not open to US and Chinese citizens or to individuals on Scroll’s restriction list.

Scroll raised $50 million in March last year and completed the deployment of its zkEVM solution on the Goerli testnet. As of April 19, Scroll’s total valued lock (TVL) has surpassed $60 million, ranking 11th among Ethereum layer 2 projects, according to DeFiLlama’s data.

Scroll reiterated its vision in the latest announcement and highlighted the project’s growth since its launch.

“We built our zkEVM L2 to be the foundational layer for the next generation of protocols and push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Scroll. “Since our Mainnet launch in October 2023, we’ve witnessed a thriving ecosystem consisting of all flavors of applications, from DeFi to social and everything in between.”

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