SlingShot DAO Launches Platform to Utilize DAO Votes for New Game Onboarding

This new launchpad for Web3 gaming allows users to vote to install new games via DAO voting.

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SlingShot DAO, a gaming idea launchpad, created a platform that aims to democratize game creation — putting users in charge of which game to add to the platform. Anyone can submit their game ideas, which are then voted on via the DAO community of gamers on the SlingShot app. The most popular ideas are then greenlit for development and funded by the SlingShot DAO Treasury. A representative of SlingShot further stated:

“Our platform invites all demographics within the gaming ecosystem to work together, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation.”

Live on both Roblox and The Sandbox, both Web2 and Web3 players will be able to play on the platform. The DAO enables all players to bring their game ideas to be voted on so that Web3 players can use governance voting to add a new game to the network.

All subsequent revenue from the game and voting go back into the app’s Web3 community via SLING tokens. SlingShot DAO also rewards voters and creators with SLING, while game studios can earn USDC, SLING and 20% of the game’s revenue, all of which can be used to participate in future game development projects.

SlingShot DAO was launched on May 5 with the intention to give players a greater say in the games they play, as well as bring users together “to collaboratively ideate, design, and create the next breakthroughs in virtual gaming worlds.” It is backed by a number of crypto gaming industry leaders, including Animoca Brands, Dragonfly Capital, DCG and Sfermion.

Still in its early stages, SlingShot DAO was created to change the way games are made, decided on and launched. The platform has the potential to empower players and give them a greater stake in the games they play.

Disclosure: Some investors in Crypto Briefing are also investors in Sanctor Capital.

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