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Smart Token Labs enables Cool Cat and World of Women derivative NFTs at Devcon

Cool Cat and World of Women cosplayers at Devcon are being rewarded with their very own NFTs.

Smart Token Labs enables Cool Cat and World of Women derivative NFTs at Devcon

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Devcon attendees that dress up as a Cool Cat or World of Woman NFT for Devcon Bogota can now claim derivative NFTs.

Devcon NFT Derivatives

Smart Token Labs is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. Since 2017, it has been building two core bridges to this future: AlphaWallet, an open-source mobile NFT wallet, and TokenScript, a new framework for token composability and interoperability. BrandConnector is an advanced token gating solution based on the open-source TokenScript framework.

The company is providing a themed NFT offering for 6,000 attendees at Devcon VI in Bogota this week. Attendees are provided the opportunity to dress up as a Cool Cat or World of Women NFT in Devcon VI branded outfits and other items and mint the NFT as a fully on-chain derivative based on the original Cool Cat or WoW. Available to verified ticket holders, the NFTs’ future royalties to be split with charities.

The NFTs are being offered to attendees as part of Permissionless Perks, which is an open platform for third parties to provide perks or offers to verified ticket holders based on ticket attestations.

“We’ve been delighted to be involved in the delivery of Permissionless Perks via cryptographic ticket attestations and,” Smart Token Labs co-founder and CEO Victor Zhang has stated. “We thought it was only fitting that we deliver a special perk of our own to Devcon VI attendees. That comes in the form of Devcon VI branded derivatives based on two amazing NFT collections and, specifically, four individual Cool Cat and World of Women NFTs that are owned by STL.”

To claim the NFT derivatives, attendees must prove they are a ticket holder via a ticket attestation.

On entering the online Suit Up website, they can dress their derivative in a range of different outfits and mint it on-chain. The ticket holder pays gas fees, but the NFT itself is provided at no cost. Future royalties from secondary sales will be split between Devcon, Devcon ticket holders and STL at 3%, 2%, and 1% respectively. Devcon and STL would donate the royalties to charities or projects that support the Ethereum community.

The NFT suit-up artwork was developed in collaboration with WeDiscover a product, design and creative agency based out of Sydney.

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