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Socrates' SOC Token Makes a Splash in Crypto Markets with Exchange Listings

Socrates' SOC Token Makes a Splash in Crypto Markets with Exchange Listings

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Socrates, a pioneering Web3 social media platform, has attracted a substantial number of users engaging in debates and earning rewards on the platform over the past few months. Last month, Socrates issued its governance token, SOC, and conducted two airdrop events to express gratitude to early active users. With much anticipation, SOC will be available on BitMart, MEXC, BingX, and LBANK. The SOC/USDT trading pair will officially be available for trading at 07:00 (UTC) on January 29, 2024.

Upholding the core principles of GameFi and SocialFi, SOC is set to unlock new possibilities for its holders. Future SOC holders will have the unique opportunity to upgrade their NFT Pioneer Pens with different attributes, adding more excitement to the entire Socrates platform. This enhancement will enable users to develop their own reward strategies, making SOC even more appealing to a broader audience. As the platform continues to evolve, it is evident that SOC is not just a cryptocurrency but a dynamic ecosystem fostering engagement, creativity, and user-driven development.

More About SOC

SOC is the governance token for Socrates, which is an ERC-20 governance token native to the Ethereum Mainnet chain. The platform empowers its token holders with the authority to influence its developmental trajectory through voting on pivotal governance decisions, updates, and proposals. SOC stands as the cornerstone of a system designed to revolutionize communication and idea exchange, positioning itself as a leader in integrating blockchain principles with social interaction.

Based on ERC20, SOC has a total supply of 100 million (i.e. 100,000,000). The SOC token distribution is as follows: 51% to Socrates community members, 25% to the Socrates Ecosystem Foundation, 15% to the founding team, 5% for marketing, and 4% to early-stage investors.

The SOC token is poised for its debut on LBank, BitMart, BingX, and MEXC at 7:00 UTC on January 29, 2024. Users who are interested in SOC can easily buy and sell on LBank Exchange now.

To learn more about Socrates (SOC), please visit our Website, follow our X (Twitter), and join our Telegram.

About Socrates

Socrates is the world’s first SocialFi Debate-to-Earn platform, revolutionizing how individuals engage with social media. Merging the best of SocialFi and GameFi, the platform offers a unique opportunity for users to earn rewards through participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debates, and sharing knowledge. It encourages free thinking and battles misinformation with an intuitive interface that supports open debates on diverse topics, from politics to entertainment.

Socrates is dedicated to empowering individuals to voice honest opinions and share diverse perspectives. The platform features an incentivized ecosystem where interactions contribute to the prize pool of each question, rewarding meaningful contributions and popular discussions. Utilizing decentralized blockchain technology, ensures transparency, security, and privacy, enhancing the user experience while reducing spam.

As a global, community-focused organization, Socrates breaks geographical barriers, driven by members from various sectors in fintech, web3, and crypto. Committed to expanding access to unfiltered dialogue, Socrates shapes a future where every voice is heard and valued.

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