Solana-based meme coins rise up to 67% as Bitcoin slumps

Gigachad token leads Solana meme coin rally with 217% weekly gain, outpacing market leader Bitcoin's performance.

Solana-based meme coins rise up to 67% as Bitcoin slumps

Key Takeaways

  • Solana-based meme coins surged up to 67% while Bitcoin declined 2% in 24 hours
  • Gigachad (GIGA) led the Solana meme coin rally with a 217% increase over seven days

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Solana-based meme coins are among the categories with the largest gains in the past 24 hours, presenting a 5.6% growth, while Bitcoin (BTC) struggles with a 2% pullback in the same period. 

According to data aggregator CoinGecko, the Solana meme coin with the largest gain was Gigachad (GIGA), with a 67.5% daily leap. For the past seven days, GIGA’s performance has been even more significant, showing a 217% rise. 

Image: CoinGecko

The dog-themed coin Billy (BILLY) also showed a similar performance, as it shot up by nearly 50% in 24 hours, and over 160% within seven days. Meanwhile, the Sad Hamster (HAMMY) meme coin was registering a negative weekly performance but ran it back with a 30% jump in the last 24 hours.

Notably, the same movement performed by HAMMY was registered by the token called The Professor (LAB), which went up by 13.2% while showing a 5.4% weekly growth. Achi Inu and WolfWifBallz, despite their respectively good daily movements of 14.4% and 11.6%, were still down for the past seven days.

The monkeyhaircut (MONK) token opens the middle of the pack, with a 21.6% leap in the last 24 hours and 30.2% of weekly gains. The token was closely followed by Samurai Cat (YUKI), which rose by 17.5% in the intraday timeframe and 26.5% in the last seven days.

The recently launched Spike (SPIKE) registered the most notable movement in the last hour, climbing 16.3%. This was enough to make the meme coin positive in the last 24 hours, rising 5.5%. 

Mumu the Bull (MUMU) closes the group of Solana-based meme coins with the best daily performance with a 18.6% jump in this period and over 66% weekly growth.

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