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Solana’s MixMob secures license to add the original Stormtrooper to its racing game

Players will be able to use the whole Stormtrooper outfit from “Star Wars: A New Hope” in the game.

Solana’s MixMob secures license to add the original Stormtrooper to its racing game

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Solana’s Web3 racing game MixMob has announced its acquisition of licensing rights for the Original Stormtrooper from the Star Wars franchise. This partnership introduces the iconic character into MixMob: Racer 1 through exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The move is part of MixMob’s broader strategy to secure additional licenses in 2024, leveraging the expertise of CEO Simon Vieira and Executive Producer Pavel Bains. Both have a history of acquiring licenses for major brands, including Peanuts, Warner Bros Kids, and DreamWorks. The acquisition of the Original Stormtrooper license marks a significant step in MixMob’s licensing strategy and future collaborations.

“Integrating the Original Stormtrooper into MixMob fulfills a dream shared by game developers worldwide. Our vision is to create dynamic teams and factions that rally under the banner of the Original Stormtroopers, transforming them into symbols of unity and competition within the game. The anticipation of facing off against these iconic squads adds a thrilling dimension to the racing experience,” Vieira stated.

The Original Stormtrooper, designed by prop maker Andrew Ainsworth in 1976 for Star Wars: A New Hope, is a key element of the franchise’s appeal. Its unique design has made it a sought-after piece of memorabilia among collectors. MixMob aims to capitalize on this popularity by integrating the Stormtrooper into MixMob: Racer 1, offering players a chance to engage with the character in a new digital format.

The game will feature the Stormtrooper Mask and Original Stormtrooper MixBots, designed to mirror the authentic look of the character. This integration is expected to enhance the gaming experience by allowing players to race these characters in various game arenas.

MixMob is inviting gamers to experience MixMob: Racer 1 on desktop platforms, with plans for a mobile game release in Q2. Early access to the Original Stormtrooper content will be given to early adopters of MixMob’s Gen0 Masks and MixBots.

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