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Solana launches token extensions to facilitate secure and compliant Web3 transitions

The next-gen token functionality enables confidential transactions using zero-knowledge proofs.

Solana launches token extensions to facilitate secure and compliant Web3 transitions

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The Solana Foundation announced today the launch of its token extensions that expand the SPL token standard. By introducing this new suite of features, Solana aims to facilitate the development of secure and compliant blockchain applications, empowering developers to create advanced token functionalities and streamlining the transition into Web3.

Token extensions, as detailed in Solana’s technical documentation, represent a significant update to the blockchain’s core protocol. This new token program incorporates features catering to fungible and non-fungible tokens, expanding the blockchain’s functionality.

Token extensions can boost custom token construction and meet business compliance demands, according to Solana’s tweet today.

The new token functionality provides developers with a robust suite of audited extensions, allowing them to rapidly add complex capabilities to their tokens. These extensions range from confidential transfers and innovative compliance frameworks to custom transaction fees, with the ability for some extensions to be used in conjunction. Notably, the confidential transfer extension allows the encryption of transactions using zero-knowledge proofs.

Solana’s token extensions are designed to support enterprise features without the need for external tooling, avoiding vendor lock-in and circumventing the need to persuade other teams to support one’s token. By simplifying the development process, engineering teams can focus on solving complex business problems.

The token extensions offer versatile and secure solutions for both digital and real-world assets on the Solana blockchain. They unlock new use cases for developers and industries, such as developing superior stablecoins, enhancing gaming assets, and governance frameworks for real-world asset issuance.

Solana also noted that these token extensions had undergone comprehensive audits by leading security firms such as, Holborn Security,, Trail of Bits, and NCC Group to ensure the utmost security.

Previously, Paxos, a stablecoin issuer, was among the first to adopt Solana’s token extension, using it to issue their USDP stablecoin on the Solana network. Additionally, GMO Trust, which issues the GYEN stablecoin tied to the Japanese Yen and the ZUSD stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, has incorporated this feature into its stablecoin offerings.

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