Soulja Boy Mints First NFT "Crank That," Listed at 5 Ethereum

Days after purchasing his first cryptocurrencies, Soulja Boy is now on Ethereum. The rap star has minted an NFT and been offered his own ENS name.

Soulja Boy Mints First NFT "Crank That," Listed at 5 Ethereum
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Key Takeaways

  • Soulja Boy has minted an NFT called Soulja Boy "Crank That."
  • A fan has also been in touch to give him a named Ethereum address from Ethereum Name Service.
  • The American rapper has been showing his interest in the cryptocurrency space this month.

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Soulja Boy has joined the NFT hype. The U.S. artist minted his first digital art piece on Rarible today.

Soulja Boy Now on Ethereum

Soulja Boy is now on Ethereum. 

The U.S. rap star, who topped charts with his 2007 hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” has minted an NFT. 

“Soulja Boy ‘Crank That’” is available in an edition of 20 via Rarible. It’s priced at 5 ETH, around $6,699.60. 

“Get this super exclusive collectible from Soulja Boy, the iconic rapper and the brand-new man in crypto!” the description reads. 

The musician caught the crypto world’s attention by showing an interest in the space on Twitter this month. 

Only yesterday, he shared his Ethereum address in a tweet. A fan replied, offering him the name “souljaboy.eth” on Ethereum Name Service, which puts Ethereum addresses into an easy-to-read format. 

Soulja Boy then accepted his proposal. He’s since faced trouble with using the Ethereum address from his Coinbase account, though the donor of the ENS name has been attempting to resolve the issue. The fan proceeded to buy him a name, “drako.eth.”

Last week, the American artist confirmed that he’d bought several cryptocurrencies, including BNB, DGB, TRX, KLV, ZPAE, and FDO. He’s been actively asking his Twitter followers for help navigating the space too. On Jan. 19, he started by asking, “What’s the best way to buy Crypto? Robinhood? Coinbase?”

Soulja Boy broke out with the release of “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” in 2007. It topped charts and sold millions of copies. His other hits include “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” and “Turn My Swag On.”

Disclosure: The author held ETH at the time of press. 

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