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Spellfire brings CCG into the 21st century of NFTs

A new version of collectible card game Spellfire arrives with a modern twist.

Spellfire brings CCG into the 21st century of NFTs

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Spellfire, the once out-of-print collectible card game is back. It returns as Spellfire Re-Master the Magic, a modern take on classic card games, powered by NFTs.

Each Spellfire NFT comes in both digital and physical form – a first of its kind.

The first 115 cards are now available as valuable collectible NFTs on OpenSea.

Each card has been newly designed and comes with its own magical backstory depicting a world of mighty heroes and magical abilities.

Players and collectors can choose from a vast collection of heroes, monsters, magic spells, and artifacts to buy for their deck. In a unique twist, each card is playable both physically and digitally. Augmented reality features implemented by the development team allow the artistically designed cards to come to life right in front of you.

With the importance of play-to-earn features increasing, Spellfire gives players two key ways to earn: NFTs and magic tokens.

· Owners of original NFT cards will receive 90% of the profit from each subsequent sale of their card as a playing NFT card. The more sought-after the card, the more profitable it will become.
· Players earn magic tokens simply by playing their cards. As players battle, the cards in play gain experience and magic tokens which can be used to upgrade individual cards. This offers more exciting gameplay, deeper strategy, and importantly – increased value.

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic is a game for everyone. The option to own cards physically and digitally creates a versatile gaming experience that can be enjoyed around a table with friends and family, or online with an opponent across the world.

For those who enjoy the collecting aspect of card games, head over to Opensea where you can discover the Spellfire universe yourself.

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