stUSDT published security audit report by ChainSecurity and whitepaper

Golden seal of approval for stUSDT security audit.

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Singapore – July 9, 2024 – stUSDT has announced a partnership with leading security audit firm ChainSecurity, which conducted a comprehensive security audit of its smart contracts. The complete audit report and whitepaper is now available on stUSDT’s official website. This initiative demonstrates stUSDT’s commitment to safeguarding user assets and strengthens its position as a secure and trustworthy platform for real-world assets.

ChainSecurity, renowned for its top-tier security audits, has previously audited for established industry players such as the Ethereum Foundation, Circle, Polygon, Uniswap, MakerDAO, Curve, Compound, Lido and Yearn. In their most recent audit of stUSDT’s smart contracts, no critical or high-risk vulnerabilities were identified, demonstrating the platform’s robust security measures.

Following the audit, stUSDT has implemented security recommendations from ChainSecurity by upgrading its contracts on June 24. The updated system is under continuous monitoring to ensure smooth and secure operation. The complete audit report and whitepaper are readily accessible on stUSDT’s official website. The whitepaper outlines the stUSDT protocol’s architecture, design, and governance structure, as well as its robust infrastructure that’s designed to protect user assets.

“We are pleased to announce the successful completion of stUSDT’s audit. Our thorough review, which was focused on access control, functional correctness and solvency, found no major issue. We thank the stUSDT team for their trust and professionalism as this audit underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability in the DeFi ecosystem” – Matthias Egli, Founding Partner at ChainSecurity.

stUSDT, the first rebase RWA protocol, operates through the decentralized JustLend DAO platform. The stUSDT platform is dedicated to narrowing the gap between retail and institutional investors while connecting the crypto industry with the real world. By leveraging smart contracts, stUSDT ensures equitable opportunities for all to engage with real-world assets. Since its launch, stUSDT has gained significant popularity, reaching a total TVL of $269 million and offering an APY of 4.66% as of July 1, 2024.

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that stUSDT and any related services or offerings are not available to users in the United States. This restriction includes any transactions, interactions, or engagements with stUSDT. Users residing in the U.S. should not participate in stUSDT-related activities.

About stUSDT

stUSDT is the first rebasing Real World Asset (RWA) stable yield protocol on the TRON and Ethereum networks.

As a decentralized asset, the stUSDT token provides holders with tangible validation of their engagement in RWAs. Utilizing smart contracts, stUSDT enables decentralized asset strategies, transparent disclosure protocols, and robust asset management. By bridging traditional finance and blockchain technology, stUSDT empowers users to participate in real-world asset opportunities and benefit from potential yields. Setting a new standard for decentralized finance, stUSDT integrates stablecoin staking and RWA engagement with a focus on governance, security, and transparency.

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