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Mysten Labs teams up with Playtron to launch new gaming handheld for blockchain and PC titles

The device is set to release next year.

Sui gaming device

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Mysten Labs, the creator of the Sui blockchain, has partnered with Playtron to develop SuiPlay0x1, a gaming handheld designed to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional PC gaming.

Announced at the Sui Basecamp event at Paris Blockchain Week, the device will feature the Linux-based Playtron OS and offer compatibility with a range of hardware configurations. SuiPlay0x1 aims to popularize crypto games by integrating the Sui network and providing incentive programs.

SuiPlay0x1 Sneak Peak
SuiPlay0x1 Sneak Peak

Users will be able to link their Sui assets with their Playtron account, enabling access across devices. The handheld will incorporate Sui’s zkLogin feature, facilitating a seamless Web2-like login experience and allowing purchases of traditional games through the Sui wallet in Playtron’s store.

SuiPlay0x1 01

Slated for a 2025 release, SuiPlay0x1 will support games built on the Sui blockchain, other Web3 games, and AAA PC titles from platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Following a $10 million funding round with contributions from industry giants including Samsung Next and Polychain Capital, Playtron is advancing its gaming OS under the leadership of Kirt McMaster, former CEO of Cyanogen, and John Lagerling, a former Google executive who contributed to Android’s growth. SuiPlay0x1 represents a direct challenge to Steam’s market dominance, offering a Web3-friendly alternative that supports both crypto and PC games.

The new device is part of Mysten Labs’ broader strategy to foster a mass market for Web3 games. Playtron claimed that SuiPlay0x1 is the first in a series of devices, with an expected price point of around $500 and an upcoming airdrop program as an additional purchase incentive.

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