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Sun West To Give Away 5 ETH as They Introduce Blockchain Technology During the 'Game On' Event

Sun West CEO Pavan Agarwal was welcomed by Hall of Famers Terrell ‘TO’ Owens and ‘Ivan’ Pudge Rodriguez as part of the leadership coaching event ‘Game On’.

Sun West To Give Away 5 ETH as They Introduce Blockchain Technology During the 'Game On' Event

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The event showcases the recently developed empathetic technology mortgage product which seeks to achieve unbiased and fair lending and greater equality in the house buying experience with integrated blockchain technology.

Sun West’s Focus on Technology

In tandem, the event will be making a donation to The Autism Community in Action (TACA) based on total attendees and livestream viewership count.

Pavan Agarwal, founder, and CEO of Sun West’s technology sister company Celligence, will explain how Morgan will eliminate the stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and the overall risk of the home buying process while broadening, and equalizing access to those from more modest income and credit backgrounds. This latest event will see blockchain technology introduced to the platform with high-value utility. Thomas Smith, CTO has been leading up the project and said, “this is like nothing you’ve seen before”.

‘Game On’ hosts TO Owens and Pudge Rodriguez will provide expert business and leadership coaching drawing from their respective “Hall of Fame” careers in Football and Baseball. The stage will provide an opportunity for Mr. Agarwal to showcase Morgan and how it seeks to make the dream of home ownership a reality to many more people, with Sun West Ambassador Pudge Rodriguez formally welcoming it into the Mortgage Hall of Fame.

Acquiring a mortgage has become even harder in recent times, partly driven by high inflation, continually rising property prices, and coupled with many financial institutions not issuing small-dollar mortgage loans to families with modest incomes and means. When combined with the complexities of the lending process and an unwillingness of many lenders to invest the time and resources on potential customers with non-traditional financial circumstances, there are major obstacles to affordable housing, especially among underserved communities.

The use of technology, such as Morgan, seeks to level that playing field by considering multiple mitigating factors. By employing artificial intelligence and ‘empathetic technology’ to consider the applicant’s language, emotional state, and other factors, Morgan has already proven to increase mortgage approval rates for those from lower-income with lower-down payment FHA/VA/USDA loans.

Pavan Agarwal, CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company, said:

“I am thrilled to be welcomed by such inspiring sports icons and leaders like TO Owens and Pudge Rodriguez, and to have Morgan inducted into the Hall of Fame. Their inspiring words and coaching in both the world of business and in everyday life are testament to their stellar careers in Football and Baseball, and their commitment to improving the lives of others is a positive testament to their characters.”

Sun West Mortgage’s focus on technology has given an edge in the mortgage industry to offer some of the fastest turn times available – so the customer can get into the home of their dreams sooner. Sun West was founded in 1980 with the perspective of “customers first” and the desire to make the mortgage process easy and stress-free for prospective homeowners. Since then, Sun West services a multi-billion-dollar loan portfolio and is licensed in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Sun West Mortgage’s 41 years of experience have been passed down to everyone here at Sun West through excellent leadership and capabilities.

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