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Learn More and Aethir commit $100 million to democratize global supercomputing access

This partnership marks a investment in the future of accessible AI development. and Aethir commit $100 million to democratize global supercomputing access

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Decentralized computing protocol and DePIN platform Aethir have unveiled a plan to make supercomputing widely accessible by leveraging their combined decentralized networks. To celebrate their collaboration, and Aethir will distribute $50 million worth of each other’s tokens to their communities, marking a $100 million investment towards transforming global computing capabilities.

The announcement highlights that the combined computing power of both projects is 600,000 GPUs and CPUs, which contributes to 40,000 high-end GPUs, including 3,000 NVIDIA H100s. Developers can utilize this collective power on demand, significantly cutting costs and fostering innovation.

“The synergies between and Aethir are as obvious as they are extensive, and we are delighted to work hand in glove to provide users with best-in-class cloud compute services,” said Ahmad Shadid, CEO of

The collaboration addresses the high demand for computational resources driven by the popularization of artificial intelligence (AI). Startups and developers previously faced the dilemma of either investing in costly server farms or relying on the services of tech giants, which often proved to be uneconomical. The and Aethir partnership aims to eliminate these barriers by offering an affordable alternative.

The initiative also aims to break down geographical barriers. By distributing computing infrastructure globally, latency and operational costs will be reduced, particularly benefiting AI startups in less developed regions.

“We are looking forward to bringing our enterprise-grade and high-scale GPU compute capacity to the overall ecosystem,” added Aethir CEO Daniel Wang. “Making high-performance computers accessible to all is a mission we both share, and this collaboration brings the world an important step closer to achieving that.”

In addition to aiding developers, the partnership will enable individuals with spare computing capacity to earn rewards by contributing to the network, effectively democratizing access to computational power.

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