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Arbitrum-based L3 ApeChain integrates Supra's real-time oracle data and randomness protocols

ApeChain aims to drive GameFi adoption with Supra's integration.

Golden Supra-ApeChain integration symbol on teal.

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Supra, a prominent provider of oracle data feeds and verifiable randomness, has become the first oracle price feeds and verifiable randomness provider for ApeChain, a new Layer 3 solution on Arbitrum, according to a press release published today.

As part of this collaboration, Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) will provide real-time data for DeFi, GameFi, and other decentralized applications (dApps) built on ApeChain. Additionally, Supra’s dVRF offers a decentralized and verifiable randomness solution, ensuring the integrity of outcomes in blockchain games and other scenarios requiring transparency, the team noted.

Designed for secure and reliable data delivery to blockchains, DORA offers over 475 active price feeds with strong security guarantees.

Its security features, including resistance to Byzantine corruption and node collusion, provide high-quality price feeds with robust security guarantees. Supra also accommodates various dApp requirements through its support for both push and pull data models.

Another highlight is the Supra Moonshot Consensus protocol. According to the team, during advanced global testing, the protocol achieved a throughput of 530K transactions per second with 500-millisecond optimistic finality and approximately 1.5–2 seconds full block finality.

Supra’s data feeds also offer archival, authenticity, and aggregation features, ensuring secure data storage, accurate data verification, and reliable information streams.

In addition to DORA, Supra’s dVRF protocol addresses the need for unpredictable outcomes in dApps by providing decentralized randomness that is both trustless and verifiable.

This is especially beneficial for Web3 game developers who require integrity and unpredictability in random outcomes for scenarios such as prize draws and competition matchups. Supra’s on-chain verifiable randomness generator allows for the creation of random outcomes that can be easily verified, fostering trust within the community.

The integration with Supra’s dVRF and oracle data feeds is expected to allow ApeChain to build richer gaming experiences with reliable data and provably fair mechanics. Focusing on GameFi and metaverse applications, ApeChain aims to be the foundation for ApeCoin and upcoming Ape-related games and protocols.

Apart from that, through the partnership, Supra and ApeChain expect to drive mass adoption of GameFi by delivering more reliable data and fostering trust with guaranteed, verifiably fair outcomes.

Hervé Larren, ApeCoin DAO Special Council and co-author of ApeChain, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. He stated:

“Supra is pioneering solutions with integrations across all major ecosystems and will now empower ApeChain through Bridges, Oracles, Automation, and Randomizers. The ApeCoin DAO eagerly anticipates the innovative creations that builders will craft, leveraging Supra’s best-in-class stack for games, DeFi, and beyond!”

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