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Sushi's Smart Pools: Bringing v2 “Pool and Chill” experience to v3 LPing

Ramping up LP Tooling for the Best LP Experience on Sushi

Sushi's Smart Pools: Bringing v2 “Pool and Chill” experience to  v3 LPing

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Sushi is excited to announce the launch of Smart Pools, designed to simplify providing liquidity (LPing) on v3 while offering the relaxed v2’s “Pool and Chill” experience, increasing capital efficiency without the need for active liquidity management.

Smart Pools, powered by the Steer Protocol, is an Automated Liquidity Management (ALM) solution. For LPs familiar with the active management demands of v3, Smart Pools offer the best of both worlds, providing higher yields without the need for constant manual rebalancing.

Smart Pools and more on Sushi

Sushi and Steer Protocol initiated their partnership earlier this year on the Steer Protocol platform. With this integration, users on Sushi v3 can now explore and access all available pools directly through Sushi’s native UI, enabling a seamless user journey entirely on Sushi.

With Smart Pools, we’re not only making LPing on v3 easy and rewarding, but it’s just the beginning of Sushi’s commitment to enhancing the LP experience with a series of v3 LP tooling, so users can enjoy the highest efficiency in terms of time, effort, and return, which is yet to be seen in DeFi” said Jared Grey, Head Chef of Sushi.

What is unique about Smart Pools?

Smart Pools introduce dynamic adaptability, shifting away from static liquidity allocations. ALM actively adjusts to optimize returns, reduce risks, and deploy capital more efficiently. Compared to other ALM solutions, Smart Pools incorporate yield-generating algorithmic strategies, taking yield generation to the next level. Smart Pools are also integrated with Merkl, a stakeless rewards mechanism, allowing users to farm without staking pool tokens and automatically earn rewards.

Leveraging Steer Protocol’s advanced multi-position strategy infrastructure and off-chain computing, Smart Pools offer a range of unparalleled benefits for Liquidity Providers (LPs) on the Sushi platform. These advantages include superior fees compared to other ALMs, permissionless pool creation where any user can create a smart pool in under 30 seconds from start to finish, and the largest set of strategies in regards to depth, further enhancing the LP experience on Sushi.

Derek Barrera, Founder of Steer Protocol, added, “Our partnership with Sushi aligns with Steer Protocol’s mission of simplifying decentralized infrastructure, enhancing efficiency across the spectrum. Smart Pools, powered by our Liquidity SDK, enable individuals, whether technical or not, to create their own Smart Pools effortlessly and permissionlessly. We extend our capabilities across all pools on Sushi v3, promoting a more inclusive and interoperable DeFi ecosystem. With our integration of both on-chain and real work data availability, we’re not only simplifying liquidity provision but also broadening the horizon for what’s achievable. We are excited to see the surge of Smart Pools across the Sushi community.”

Users can simply navigate to to explore the Smart Pools below and enjoy the ease of v3 LPing now.

About Sushi

Sushi is a leading multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed across 30+ chains and featuring unique cross-chain swaps via SushiXSwap. Focusing on seamless user experiences, innovative trading, and enhanced liquidity provisions, Sushi is committed to being a community-built, open-source ecosystem of all the DeFi tools you need.

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About Steer Protocol

Steer Protocol is at the forefront of automated liquidity management in DeFi, offering LPs enhanced yield and efficiency through advanced strategies and algorithmic solutions. Steer Protocol is an off-chain computation platform designed to bridge the gap between on-chain and off-chain environments. It provides a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it easier to create, deploy, and manage on-chain strategies while leveraging off-chain data. Steer facilitates task automation and strategy creation, empowering developers to build next-gen web3 applications. Its no-code solutions are particularly beneficial for individuals with limited technical expertise, making web3 application creation more accessible.

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