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Lisk news and LSK price updates and analysis, plus Lisk development milestones and news on Lisk platform ICOs.

Lisk Developer Numbers Double In Bear Market

The market downturn has hit the industry hard, but the bear market has some silver linings. Those fixated with price movements have become less vocal, to be replaced by developers and blockchain enthusiasts. The technical community for…

Lisk Price Up 30% Ahead Of Mainnet Launch

The Lisk price continues its upswing on Saturday, as excitement builds ahead of the project's mainnet launch next week. Lisk (LSK) tokens are up by over 30% since it began rising on Thursday; from just under $4, the Lisk price rose to…

What Is Lisk? Introduction to LSK Token

What Is Lisk? Lisk is a blockchain platform. Like NEO and Ethereum, the Lisk network is a decentralized application network that uses smart contracts. These are powered by LSK cryptocurrency tokens to provide developers with a platform…

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