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NEO DApp Migrates To EOS For Faster Speed

Seven months in,  one of NEO's most popular dApps has decided to migrate onto EOS. The project says they feel let down by the technological shortcomings of the 'Chinese Ethereum'. Switching platforms will help them expand their business,…

Will vRam Make EOS Cheap For Developers?

Scalability has long haunted blockchain. As user activity and dApp development continue to increase, transaction times rise alongside fees, creating a constant pain-point for users and developers. EOS claims to offer solutions for the…

Can Ethereum Still Compete?

No coin is perfect, but Ethereum has more than its share of problems. The ICO-laden token has shed 80% of its value since its peak and given up the No. 2 spot to XRP (that had to hurt). Now its very mission has been called into question. In…

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