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News, reviews and updates on cryptocurrency and blockchain scaling solutions, improvements in TPS and advanced consensus algorithms.

Can Ethereum Still Compete?

No coin is perfect, but Ethereum has more than its share of problems. The ICO-laden token has shed 80% of its value since its peak and given up the No. 2 spot to XRP (that had to hurt). Now its very mission has been called into question. In…

Aeternity Goes Live In Roma Release

Aeternity has released its first live implementation, bringing the new blockchain platform one step closer to providing scalable smart contracts and user-friendly oracles. The new implementation, code-named Roma, was released at a launching…

Plasma Dog: The First dApp On OmiseGo

When it comes to games, the blockchain can be a dull beat. Call of Duty: Senseless Violence has not yet become a big hit on Ethereum, but there’s one dApp that’s won't make you fall asleep. Hoard, a blockchain development company, has…

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