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Infinito To Support EOS dApps

EOS might be the most insular blockchain in the top ten, but a new wallet could add another onramp to the fifth-largest blockchain.  Infinito Wallet, a multi-currency wallet protocol, has released a new update that will support EOS dApps in…


数字货币市场现在处在一个非常混沌的状态,而Waves(WAVES)代币则是在当局最为重要的代币。在发布新的移动钱包之后,其代币的价格在过去一周增加了一倍多。 在上周二,WAVES的市场价格仅约为每个代币0.96美元。但从那时起,Waves就一直处于近乎不间断的上升趋势;它于上周五收盘于1.20美元,而在本周初则达到了1.60美元。…

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