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Tanssi launches incentivized campaign for its Dancebox testnet

Incentivized testnet to reward community with 1% of Tanssi Network's native token.

Tanssi launches incentivized campaign for its Dancebox testnet

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The Tanssi Foundation has recently launched the “Let’s Forkin’ Dance,” an incentivized testnet campaign aimed at enhancing community engagement and network activity in anticipation of the Tanssi Network’s launch.

According to the announcement, the Dancebox testnet has already facilitated over 700 appchain deployments, demonstrating significant market adoption. The “Let’s Forkin’ Dance” campaign introduces incentives for general users, builders, and Block Producers, and will allocate 1% of the Tanssi Network’s soon-to-come token supply to top contributors. The campaign begins on April 30, with sign-ups available on the Tanssi website.

“Since its inception, Tanssi has been dedicated to simplifying the deployment of application-specific blockchains (appchains), making them more accessible, and ultimately bringing forward the web3 infrastructure landscape,” said Francisco Agosti, Tanssi co-founder and CEO of Moondance Labs. “Let’s Forkin Dance is a significant step towards launching Tanssi’s mainnet, and will help strengthen the community of developers and users who will be essential once Tanssi goes live.”

Tanssi is an infrastructure created on the Polkaadot ecosystem for building application-specific blockchains with a few clicks, offering a simplified and expedited process.

The project is backed by notorious investment funds, such as Arrington Capital, HashKey Capital, Fenbushi, Borderless, The Wormhole Cross-Chain Fund, KR1, YBB, SNZ Capital, and Scytale Digital. Moreover, Polkadot’s creator Gavin Wood is also alongside the project’s backers.

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