The Everdome Mars Mission Launches From Hatta Today at 5PM GST

Joining Everdome for the launch will be Leszek Orzechowski, Everdome’s Head of Science.

The Everdome Mars Mission Launches From Hatta Today at 5PM GST

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The countdown has begun for Everdome’s first rocket launch, as the world’s most hyper-realistic metaverse project gets ready to send its first metaverse pioneers on the first stage of an epic journey to Mars at 5pm GST today. Viewers from across the world are invited to be part of this groundbreaking metaverse moment by tuning into the special live stream on Everdome’s YouTube channel where this event will be shown live for all to witness.

Everdome Heads to Mars

With its launch site set in a meticulously replicated metaverse version of the UAE’s Hatta Mountains, Everdome appeals to humanity’s adventurous spirit, taking players on an incredible journey from Earth to a brand new, futuristic, civilisation on Mars. In addition to members of its 500,000-strong community, their spacecraft will also take Everdome’s partners to their new Mars metaverse home, including representatives from OKX, Pierre Gasly, and Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, amongst others.

Joining Everdome for the launch will be Leszek Orzechowski, Everdome’s Head of Science, the conceptual space architect who provided much of the scientific consulting on the Everdome Phoenix rocket, and whose LunAres Research Station provides space and infrastructure for complex research on the impact of long-term extra-terrestrial human presence.

Speaking of the upcoming landmark event, Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder of Everdome said:

“This is going to be a fantastic moment in Everdome’s history, marking the first ever launch of Evernauts headed to Mars. We’ve taken extensive measures to ensure that every aspect of our metaverse delivers an impeccable experience, from the overall ambiance of our world right down to the minutiae that make it a truly immersive, beautiful experience. It’s very exciting to welcome people into the next stage of the Everdome journey.”

Evernauts will leave earth from the near-future spaceport in the Hatta Mountains. Their interplanetary mission will begin aboard the Everdome Phoenix (EVR Phoenix), a spaceship created in collaboration with the project’s space science partners, inspired by and designed using viable technologies. EVR Phoenix will then dock with the immense Everdome Cycler in Earth’s lower orbit. The Everdome Cycler is a 3km long interplanetary vessel, which will ferry the Evernauts to their new settlement on Mars.

Everdome’s settlement on Mars will be located in the Jezero Crater, which was selected by NASA for its contemporary space missions. Once the Evernauts have arrived in the city, they will enjoy multiple storylines and experiences, which will lead them on exciting adventures, provide entertainment, learning and trading opportunities within the hyper-realistic metaverse space.

The city itself is split into six distinct districts, which are themselves divided into plots of land. Each district offers potential for related brands, businesses, personalities and individuals to engage with their existing and new audiences, by providing them with unparalleled immersive experiences that go beyond the possibilities of Web2 and reality.

Each stage of the Everdome journey and experience is inspired by futuristic technology and informed by leading space and engineering knowledge. This is combined with cutting-edge conceptual art, premium storytelling, as well as a soundtrack and sonics composed in collaboration with world-renowned music producers and composers, creating an exceptional and truly unique environment.

Make sure to join Everdome at 5pm GST for the live stream of this milestone launch,  to witness the true potential of the metaverse, and to watch an event that will unite both web2 and Web3 audiences in a visual demonstration of the internets’ future.

This pioneering interplanetary metaverse experience is just the start for Everdome, its community, and its early adopting, visionary partners.

Everdome is creating the most hyper-realistic metaverse. Bringing brands and users together in a digital life meets real-world experience, all with the purpose of interconnecting the digital and physical worlds seamlessly – ultimately creating the most realistic Web3 experience.

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