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There's Still Time to Sign Up for Crypto's First Fantasy NFT Trading League

Flip co-founder and UpOnly co-host Brian Krogsgard announced the free-to-play game on Twitter today.

There's Still Time to Sign Up for Crypto's First Fantasy NFT Trading League
Image credit: techmoneyculture

Key Takeaways

  • Flip is launching a fantasy NFT trading game.
  • Fantasy Flip allows users to compete in NFT trading without having to put down any of their own money.
  • The game is free to join and can support an unlimited number of players.

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Today NFT trading dashboard Flip announced the launch of its new game, Fantasy Flip, a fantasy NFT flipping game.

Fantasy NFT Trading

NFTs are getting their first fantasy competition.

Flip co-founder Brian Krogsgard, better known as Ledger Status in the crypto scene, announced today on Twitter that the company was launching Fantasy Flip, a game in which NFT enthusiasts compete to achieve the highest trading gains—without having to put down any real money. 

Based on the same premise as fantasy sports, Fantasy Flip is free to join and has no restrictions on registration. Participants are offered a certain budget at the beginning of the competition—in the case of the upcoming Genesis League, 100 fake ETH. Using the Flip interface, users purchase NFTs they think will outperform in the coming week. 

Top performers are rewarded with prizes every week, including Flip merchandise or NFTs; a “grand prize winner” will also be selected at the end of four weeks. The grand prizes include one CryptoDickbutt.

Registration is currently open, with Genesis League trading set to begin on Monday, October 3.

According to Ledger, the idea for the game came from hosting a similar competition internally at Flip. “We had a blast,” he said. The team was soon inspired to build out the interface as a “fun game for the bear market.”

Flip is an NFT trading dashboard that aggregates information from various collections, marketplaces, and blockchains in one place. The platform allows users to customize their settings and curate their data feed to specifically follow the NFT trends they are most interested in.

Ledger is famous in the space for co-hosting, along with crypto whale Cobie, the popular podcast Up Only. Last year, the pair held Twitch raiding sessions during which they joined amateur musicians’ live streams and encouraged Up Only followers to make donations. In one particularly memorable session, 24-year-old Canadian singer Mela Bee received approximately $250,000 in crypto for performing Radiohead and Blink-182 covers.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, the author of this piece owned BTC, ETH, and several other cryptocurrencies.

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