Tokenized US Treasuries holders surge to an all-time high

Tokenized bond funds see a dramatic rise in investor interest and assets.

Golden tokenized US Treasury icon.

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The tokenized US Treasuries market reached an all-time high of 2,143 holders on June 18th, with a 250% year-to-date growth, according to data aggregator The Ondo Short-Term US Government Bond Fund (USDY) leads with 1,054 holders and over $218 million in tokenized bonds.

The BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL), which leads the market with nearly $463 million in tokenized US Treasuries, registers 14 holders, one of the smallest numbers. Notably, BUIDL is reserved for qualified institutional investors, with a $5 million minimum investment requirement.


Meanwhile, Franklin OnChain U.S Government Money Fund (FOBXX), by asset manager Franklin Templeton, is the second-largest by number of holders and tokenized assets. The FOBXX registered 430 holders and surpassed $344 million in tokenized assets.

The Government Money Market Digital Fund (WTGXX), managed by WisdowTree, wraps up the list of tokenized funds with over 100 holders, as 152 investors hold their digitally represented shares. Furthermore, the number of WTGXX holders grew by 950% this year.

In June, over $136 million in tokenized fund shares were issued, while $35 million were burned as investors claimed their assets. Moreover, the tokenized US Treasuries market reached its all-time high at $1.57 billion on June 17th, boasting a 118% year-to-date growth.

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