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TRON, NEO, and Ontology Experiencing Price Exhaustion Following Xi Jinping’s Statements

Chinese crypto projects up across the board, but will the price remain salient?

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Statements by Chairman Xi Jinping were a major catalyst for renewed interest in Chinese cryptocurrencies. Cryptos such as TRON, NEO, and Ontology demonstrated strong 7-day returns following Xi’s comments, but this newfound momentum appears unsustainable.

The Chairman’s statements on blockchain were the initial spark that drove renewed interest in Chinese crypto projects. Other developments from China proceeded to maintain the momentum: progress on its digital currency, cryptocurrency education, and increasing interest in investing in blockchain technology. As sentiment in China improved, prices for Chinese-based blockchain projects surged.

That isn’t to say China is a stranger to cryptocurrency. The country currently hosts the majority of Bitcoin miners and processes a large portion of crypto OTC trading.

Price Gains of Chinese Cryptocurrencies and BTC since Oct. 24, 2019

1-day ROI 3-day ROI 7-day ROI
Bitcoin 16.76% 28.57% 23.22%
Tron 16.36% 25.99% 30.21%
NEO 11.77% 65.12% 51.25%
IOST 14.57% 12.22% 81.51%
Bytom 18.71% 204.73% 109.64%
VeChain 12.61% 37.53% 36.66%
Ontology 13.46% 79.38% 56.58%
Tael 4.92% 11.56% 39.11%
Qtum 11.92% 2.29% 35.27%

As evidenced by the chart, the Return On Investment for all the projects under consideration was higher than Bitcoin’s. Bytom had by far the best return, but projects like Ontology, NEO, and IOST beat BTC by 25% or more.

However, new money appears unconvinced by the Chinese narrative. Recent price growth from Xi’s statements look unsustainable. The initial hype that propelled the projects is dying down. Even though they resumed climbing after a recent retracement, the rest of the market seems exhausted — evidenced by Bitcoin’s price action.

Price Gains of Chinese Cryptocurrencies and BTC since Nov. 9, 2019

1-day ROI 3-day ROI
Bitcoin 2.61% 0.14%
Tron 2.11% 3.91%
NEO 3.15% 13.45%
IOST 2.53% 3.53%
Bytom -0.75% -3.92%
VeChain 12.05% 27.74%
Ontology 3.09% 10.93%
Tael 7.64% 31.39%
Qtum 2.29% 5.34%

Bitcoin’s three-day ROI is close to zero and even projects such as TRON are seeing signs of exhaustion.

In the absence of a China-related catalyst that would re-ignite retail excitement, a continuation of the previous trend is unlikely. Considering the gains that the Chinese projects already enjoyed, a pull-back seems like a strong possibility.

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