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Tron unveils development roadmap for Bitcoin layer 2 solution

Justin Sun wants to “make Bitcoin fun again.”

Tron unveils development roadmap for Bitcoin layer 2 solution

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Tron has revealed a development roadmap outlining what it has planned for the upcoming Bitcoin layer 2 solution, according to a post published today by Tron’s founder, Justin Sun. The project aims to enhance the interoperability between the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Tron network while fostering the growth of DeFi and Ordinals.

“This integration will not only link TRON directly with Bitcoin but also facilitate access to over $55 billion in value to the Bitcoin network, thereby injecting financial vitality into Bitcoin,” Sun explained.

According to him, the roadmap for Tron’s Bitcoin layer 2 solution is divided into three strategic stages: α (alpha), β (beta), and γ (gamma).

The Alpha stage will prioritize the development of a cross-chain bridge to facilitate the movement of assets from Tron to Bitcoin. Following this, the beta stage is set to introduce cooperation agreements with other layer 2 solutions on Bitcoin, enabling users to engage in staking activities.

Finally, the gamma stage will focus on launching a layer 2 integrating Tron’s token, TRX, and Bitcoin, promising high transaction speeds and low fees characteristic of a proof-of-stake network without compromising the security it provides.

Sun added that the roadmap shows the project’s commitment to embracing and promoting new blockchain advances while also setting standards for the entire industry.

Bitcoin Ordinals captivated the Bitcoin community upon its arrival in early 2023, leading to the development of numerous applications and features over the year. After the initial focus on NFT and token creation, attention has now shifted to the development of Bitcoin’s layer 2 solutions. According to a recent report from DWF Ventures, several projects have ventured into the space.

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