Twitter Launches NFT Profile Pic Feature

The long-anticipated feature has launched for Twitter Blue users on iOS.

Twitter Launches NFT Profile Pic Feature
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Key Takeaways

  • Twitter has announced its NFT profile picture feature for Twitter Blue subscribers.
  • The feature will allow users to link their crypto wallets to Twitter and display their NFTs in a hexagonally-shaped profile picture.
  • Twitter has been building out its Web3 team since late last year.

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Twitter has launched its long-awaited NFT profile picture feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. The feature allows users to link their NFT collection to their Twitter profile and obtain a hexagonally-shaped NFT profile picture as proof of authenticity.

Revamped Profile Customization 

Earlier today, Twitter announced the launch of its NFT profile picture feature for Twitter Blue users, a paid membership that offers certain exclusive features. Users will connect their crypto wallets to Twitter, which will then verify the NFTs the user owns. 

NFT profiles pictures will be recognizable by their distinctive hexagonal shape, as opposed to the circles used for standard pics. 

Twitter Blue’s account showcased a demonstration of the feature in action and also provided a simple walkthrough for how to set up the NFT Profile Picture. 

As of now, the feature only supports Ethereum NFTs and only iOS users can use it; however, the hex-shaped NFT profile pictures will be displayed as such across all platforms.

Crypto Twitter Taking Shape

Today’s launch is part of Twitter’s broader strategy of incorporating blockchain technology into its business model. Last November, Twitter formed a crypto team focused on integrating Web3 applications. 

That was before Jack Dorsey announced his resignation from Twitter later that month. Since then, he has made several distinct moves in the crypto space. He first changed the name of his other massive company, payments provider Square, to Block. He also continued his support for the Bitcoin ecosystem when he announced his non-profit Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund earlier this month . 

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this piece owned BTC, ETH, and several other cryptocurrencies. 

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