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Umoja raises $4 million to power crypto retail investors with 'smart money tools'

Umoja's innovative 'Synths' aim to transform retail investment in the crypto market.

Umoja raises $4 million to power crypto retail investors with 'smart money tools'

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Trading automation protocol Umoja seed funding round has successfully secured an additional $2 million, bringing the total to $4 million. The round was led by Robby Greenfield, former Head of Social Impact at ConsenSys, with the participation of other notable investors including Coinbase and Blockchain Founders Fund.

The protocol intends to break down the “ROI Paywall,” a term used to describe the phenomenon where retail investors, despite holding a $7.2 trillion market share, are often sidelined by institutional players, who have exclusive access to powerful tools that guide their investment strategies. Umoja utilizes ‘Synths’ to enable financial instruments aimed to provide these retail investors with advanced wealth creation, with tools such as delta-neutral stablecoins and hedged assets.

“Bitcoin opened the door to accessible money; Umoja is now paving the way for accessible wealth creation by making asset management as simple as holding the asset itself,” Robby Greenfield, CEO of Umoja, explains. “This marks the pivotal moment where traditional finance and decentralized finance converge.”

With the asset management market projected to grow to $8.3 trillion by 2032, Umoja plans to offer tailored investment strategies to match individual risk tolerance. The protocol faces the recent funding as investor’s confidence in its potential to transform the crypto industry and enhance social impact through broadened access to smart money.

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